Take Five with Levi Tierney

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Join Ronan and Levi Tierney every Tuesday at 2:30 pm for a quick check-in on your wellbeing

“Take Five” is your weekly invitation to pause, reflect, and prioritize your health and mental wellbeing. Hosted by Ronan and wellness advocate, Levi Tierney, this short but impactful segment aims to guide you through a five-minute journey to tune into both your physical and mental states.  Whether you’re juggling work, family, or personal goals, carving out just five minutes can make all the difference in how you feel and function throughout the week.

With Levi’s expertise as a personal trainer and wellness advocate, you’ll explore simple yet effective practices to nourish your body and mind. From quick exercises to mindfulness techniques, “Take Five” offers practical tools tailored to fit into your busy schedule seamlessly.

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April 9th  – This week Levi and Ronan take on the topic of encouraging young people to be active in life

April 2nd  –

Mar 26th –

Mar 19th –

Mar 5th –


Feb 27th –