Gardening Advice with McGaughs Gardening Complex

The Wagon Wheel


On The Wagon Wheel once each month Valerie Hughes is joined by gardening expert Ger McGaugh of McGaugh’s Gardening Complex to answer listeners queries.With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Ger McGaugh will share invaluable insights into how to care for your garden, ensuring it remains healthy and vibrant throughout all of the seasons.  If you ahve a query for Ger text or whatsapp us on 086 38 33 55 3 or call  our reception on 091 77 00 77.

Listen back to each episode here: 

Saturday 6th April 24 : Ger  talk about: treating your lawn for moss and weeds,  early bedding planting and  planting ornamental trees



Saturday 9th March 24:  Ger talks about Spring planting and preparing for Summer.