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Helen from Evergreen Healthfoods answers some listeners queries on Good Health Naturally  on Galway Talks.

For 30 years, Evergreen Healthfoods has been at the forefront of natural health & wellness in Ireland, with each product in their range hand-selected for quality. Evergreen Healthfoods is a family-run, Irish business founded by Kieran & Aideen Hurley, they have 8 stores in Galway and proudly serve the whole of Ireland though their online store. They first opened their doors in 1992 on Mainguard Street in the heart of Galway City. Over 30 years, with Founders Kieran and Aideen Hurley at the helm, they have built their reputation and today are proud to be one of Ireland’s best-loved independent health food stores.

A family-run Irish business, they have grown over the years to eight health food stores stores in and around Galway, launching their online health store – – in 2008.

In 2020, Kieran and Aideen were awarded a Special Recognition Award for Services to Retail from Health Stores Ireland, praised as ‘standard bearers, tireless campaigners and proud supporters of the wider health food sector’.

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