Mollie in the Morning

Mollie in the Morning. Weekday mornings from 06:30 until 09:00. Mollie’s positive energy and witty personality will ensure you start the day the right way.

Think of the most famous couples – Laurel and Hardy, Adam and Eve, Salt and Vinegar. 

Our Breakfast Show duo Molly and Ollie are almost as famous, just not as funny, biblical or good on chips. 

Neil Molloy is ‘Molly’ and Ollie Turner the sports guy is his sidekick. Mollie in the Morning wakes you up each day by putting a smile on your face, playing the best music, competitions, news, sport and traffic updates. 

Whether in the city or the county, celebrate breakfast with Mollie in the Morning each day wherever you are in Galway.


The lads from Mollie in the Morning have taken to the world of podcasting like ducks to water. In their first episode, Molly and Ollie discuss an appropriate title for the podcast, festival time around Galway and the different expectations among successful Lotto syndicate members. 

Show features:

HELP! Each weekday morning at 8.35am listeners have the chance to come on air and play our brand new quiz game called ‘Help!’, where you get to choose either Molly or Ollie to help you win an exclusive Mollie in the Morning Hoodie. 

Here’s how it works – every morning, Ollie or Molly will do up a list of everyday items, people and places that the other has to describe for the listener in 60 seconds. The results are often hilarious as Ollie and Molly struggle to describe something without using its name and the listener tries to guess in the midst of the pressure of a ticking countdown clock. ‘Help!’ features on Mollie in the Morning each weekday on Galway Bay FM at 8.35am. 

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