THE NIGHTFLY with Donal Mahon

Mon – Fri 10 -12 midnight

The Nightfly with Donal Mahon – where day meets night across Galway Bay. 

Donal Mahon presents ‘The Nightfly’ a proper late night radio show that delivers a perfect combination of chat and features to the midnight hour with a playlist of soothing sweet music to recalibrate your mood. 

Regular features include ‘classic album of the week’  ‘picture perfect’ and interesting observations about Galway and beyond all punctuated by some familiar songs. 

‘The Nightfly’ is night time radio as it should be, where listeners share opinions and ideas on everyday topics or simply lend an ear, relax and enjoy your soundtrack into the night.


Tech You Can’t Live Without – EP2

Donal Mahon delves into some of the latest innovations in technology from the consumer electronics show 2022 and picks some of the essential everyday items that make your life easier and more practical in the latest episode of tech you cant live without. 

Tech You Can’t Live Without – EP1

Everything you ever wanted to know about electric bikes, all your questions answered! Donal speaks with Paul Harmon, owner of Electric Escapes based in Westport, County Mayo.