Trad On The Bay special with Máirín Fahy

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Step into the vibrant world of traditional Irish music with a special podcast program of Trad On The Bay hosted by Máirín Fahy.

Join her as she chats and performs alongside some of Ireland’s most renowned musicians, showcasing the rich musical heritage of the Emerald Isle.

The show features a talented lineup of musicians, including Eimear Coughlan on the enchanting harp, Francis Cunningham mesmerising with his concertina, and Enda Scahill, a banjo virtuoso from the renowned We Banjo 3. The podcast also highlights the genius of composer Carl Hession, the soulful accordion playing of Gerry Hanley, and the captivating sound of Ger Fahy on the pipes.

Backing them all up is the incredible house band, composed of Yvonne Fahy on the bodhrán, Chris Kelly strumming the guitar, and Colm Henry adding depth with his piano melodies. Together, this stellar ensemble weaves a tapestry of melodies, rhythms, and harmonies that will transport you to the heart of Irish musical traditions.

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