20 March 2024

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Mother and Baby Institutions Payment Scheme opens today

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Mother and Baby Institutions Payment Scheme opens today

The Mother and Baby Institutions Payment Scheme opens for applications today.

It’s intended to provide financial payments and health supports, to acknowledge the circumstances experienced by those in mother and baby or county home institutions.

However, the scheme is limited to those who spent at least six months in a home – resulting in fierce criticism from campaigners.

They’re calling for the scheme to be expanded to everyone who spent time in a home or were abused in a boarding out or adoptive placement.

The quickest and easiest way to apply is to do so online by visiting gov.ie/paymentscheme.

For those who wish to apply using a hard copy of the application form, this can be downloaded from the website, or applicants can request a copy by post by phoning the Payment Scheme Office helpline at +353 1 522 9992.

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