Wires Crossed


A Balancing Act for Europe

Presented by Galway Community Circus, in partnership with Galway 2020 and the European Funambulism Network

DATE6 – 9 August
VENUESpanish Arch/Claddagh

The largest and most ambitious circus spectacle ever to be staged in Ireland, Wires Crossed will see 400 people of all ages and walks of life take part in a spectacular crossing of the River Corrib and Claddagh Basin on highwires over a period of 2020 minutes.

The River Corrib that flows through Galway City is one of the shortest yet fastest rivers in Europe. To Galwegians, the Corrib embodies the breathtaking beauty and power of nature. It also, tragically, is one of the city’s suicide locations, serving as a stark reminder of the mental health crisis affecting our world today.

Through Wires Crossed, thousands of people across Europe are learning the dynamic art of funambulism – tightwire walking using a balancing pole – as a way to restore balance within themselves and our communities. Walking on a wire conveys a sense of ease and simplicity, yet requires focus, self-belief and courage.

In August 2020, Wires Crossed will transform the streets of Galway with a four-day circus festival of world-class performances and workshops, culminating with the highwire spectacle over the Corrib. This 33-hour performance will take audiences on a journey through the darkness into the light, with an extraordinary message of hope, solidarity and strength.

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ and Creative Europe Programmes of the European Union and The Arts Council.
To find out how you can become one of our 400 highwire walkers, please visit the Galway Community Circus website.