The Secret Sound Of Galway Guess List

Here is the list of guesses listeners have already given for this secret sound of Galway:

  • Stapler
  • Paper Punch
  • Opening of a can
  • Lighting a match
  • Passport Stamper
  • Click on a medicine bottle
  • Chewing on a carrot
  • Opening on a bottle of wine
  • Central locking a car
  • Opening reading glasses case
  • Opening a can
  • Turning on & off a switch of a bedside lamp
  • Stapling a piece of paper
  • Clicking a pen/biro
  • Clasp on a purse
  • Pushing the buttons on an old cassette recorder
  • Paper punch
  • Putting a cassette into a tape recorder
  • Clipping a hedge
  • Closing a suitcase
  • Dog licking his lips
  • Shuffling playing cards
  • Clicking a camera & reloading it

Listen in to The Live Wire with Ronan Lardner each weekday 12 to 3 for your chance to guess the secret sound and win the cash!

The total currently stands at €280.