The Secret Sound of Galway

Each day at 2 o’ Clock,  Ronan Lardner plays the Secret Sound of Galway – Do you know what the sound is???

Tune in each day and have a go,  if you can guess the Secret Sound of Galway you win our daily cash prize.

We have a brand new sound, can you guess it? 

Wait for your cue to call and be ready to phone 091 770077.

If no one can tell Ronan what the Secret Sound of Galway is today the cash prize will roll on by €10 each day after until one listener wins.   

Will it be you?  What is that sound?

Click the link below to see what sound it is not

So far ….it’s not:

a Zippo lighter

nail clipper

hitting bottom of a sauce

open a can of soft drinks

A scissors cutting hair

Kettle boiling

Eating and Apple

Unlocking the car with a fob