Rugby Player Peter O’Mahony Speaking At The Launch Of Greenaware’s #DOBITSHELPSLOTS Campaign

Peter O'Mahony Launches #DoBitsHelpLots Campaign With GreenAware Mandatory Credit ©INPHO/Dan Sheridan

GreenAware ambassador Peter O’Mahony (pictured at his home in Cork) is highlighting how small changes can be made in our day to day lives that make a big impact on the environment as part of the GreenAware #DoBitsHelpLots campaign.

Research from Dunnhumby* shows that the environment continues to be important to consumers even during Covid-19, with sales in compostable bin liners up 75%*. In response to increased consumer need, GreenAware has extended its range of environmentally friendly, 100% compostable bags to encourage sustainable living without compromise.

In partnership with GreenAware, Peter O’Mahony shares his simple and effective tips for sustainable living that’s accessible to everyone. With GreenAware, reducing our carbon footprint has never been easier, with their range of compostable bags that are durable, leak-resistant and made from plant-based ingredients.

*Dunnhumby report, how Covid-19 is impacting shopping behaviour, 27th May – 7th June 2020.

Peter Spoke to Oisin Langan


  1. Compost your green waste

The food and natural waste you produce at home can be turned into a supply of fertiliser to keep your garden healthy. Instead of throwing away grass clippings, fruit and veg scraps, egg shells and even some tea bags, these can be reused to create nutrient rich food for any plants or vegetables you’re growing out the back.
You can use the GreenAware Food Waste Caddy Liners to collect these in your kitchen until you’re ready to transfer them out to the garden.

  1. Focus on native

When you work with plants native to Ireland, you reduce your workload and improve your chances of successfully creating a garden full of vibrant colour and texture. I’ve recently planted peonies which are doing really well – they’re resilient and will last for years with relatively low maintenance. Native plants tend to give back to the ecosystem too, supporting local birds and insects throughout the year.

  1. Get the kids involved

When Jess and I do the weekly shop, we try to show our children how important it is to reduce plastic use. We use the GreenAware Handy Bags instead of the plastic bags that you usually see beside loose fruit and vegetables in shops. These can even be used to carry small plants home from the garden centre.

  1. Reduce herbicides

There are plenty of organic ways you can control pests and weeds from taking over your garden. Harsh chemicals can damage other parts of your garden, and they tend to be packaged in single-use plastic containers.

  1. Look into water conservation

We’re incredibly lucky in Ireland to have as much rain fall as we do. This makes it really easy to benefit from natural rainfall to keep your garden healthy, and to store rainwater for those times when we need to be mindful of how much water we’re using.

  1. Changing little and often

We try to make small changes to make our home and garden more sustainable. Switching from regular plastic bin liners to the GreenAware brand is a small action you can take that makes no difference to us, but a huge difference to the planet.



Peter shares insight into his everyday tips and tricks to becoming more eco-friendly today. Mandatory Credit ©INPHO/Dan Sheridan