National Football League MATCH TRACKER Galway V Dublin


Welcome to our National Football League final game between Galway and Dublin in Pearse Stadium. Throw-in 2pm.

GAME ON Galway have hit the front with a second point from Paul Conroy. Galway 0-2 Dublin 0-1

Dean Rock collects a ball from Eric Lowndes and fists it over the bar. Level in Pearse Stadium. Galway 0-2 Dublin 0-2

Paul Conroy has the answer from well outside the 45. Galway 0-3 Dublin 0-2

Ciaran Kilkenny works his way through and taps it over. Galway 0-3 Dublin 0-3

Adrian Varley collects a long ball, calls the mark and gets his point. Galway 0-4 Dublin 0-3

Ian Burke is fouled close in and Robert Finnerty puts two between the sides. Galway 0-5 Dublin 0-3

Paddy Small evades the challenge and fires it over. Galway 0-5 Dublin 0-4

Robert Finnerty points from play to put Galway back two in front. Galway 0-6 Dublin 0-4

Paul Conroy adds another from a free. Galway 0-7 Dublin 0-4

Con O’Callagan adds another. Back to the minimum. Galway 0-7 Dublin 0-6

Dean Rock levels it from a free. Galway 0-7 Dublin 0-7

Handy free in for Galway and Paul Conroy, who was fouled punishes the error. Galway 0-8 Dublin 0-7

James McCarthy gets a yellow card for a foul on Ian Burke…..he’s off ……Paul Conroy points the free. Galway 0-9 Dublin 0-7

There’s the half-time whistle…Shane Walsh will play the second half in place of Ian Burke. HT: Galway 0-9 Dublin 0-7

Dublin will have a strong wind at their backs in the second half.

  • Monaghan 1-07 Meath 0-07, Clones H/T
  • Mayo 0-07 Tyrone 2-09, Castlebar H/T

Second Half underway…..Gary Sice comes in for Robert Finnerty

Dean Rock narrows the gap from a free. Galway 0-9 Dublin 0-8

Shane Walsh puts on the after burners and restores Galway’s lead. Galway 0-10 Dublin 0-8

Great move from Galway and Gary O’Donnell is on the end of it and gets his point. Galway 0-11 Dublin 0-8

Paul Conroy adds to his tally. Galway 0-12 Dublin 0-8

Paddy Small wins a mark and curls it over. Galway 0-12 Dublin 0-9

Dean Rocks taps over a free. Galway 0-12 Dublin 0-10

A slip in defence and Dublin are in for a Goal….Sub Sean Bugler. Dublin lead 1-10 to Galway’s 0-12

Bugler adds a point. Dublin 1-11 Galway 0-12

Cillian McDaid comes in for Gary O’Donnell

Paddy Small stretches it to three from a mark. Dublin 1-12 Galway 0-12

Gareth Bradshaw replaces Paul Kelly

Jason Leonard points after some prolonged pressure from Galway. Dublin 1-12 Galway 0-13

Ciaran Kilkenny restores Dublin’s three-point lead. Dublin 1-13 Galway 0-13

It’s back to two again. Liam Silke with the point. Dublin 1-13 Galway 0-14

Dean Rock punishes a Galway error. Dublin 1-14 Galway 0-14

Paul Conroy point his 8th point from a free. Dublin 1-14 Galway 0-15

Second Dublin Goal puts the game to bed. Con O’Callaghan hits the post…collects the rebound and finishes it to the net. Dublin 2-14 Galway 0-15…..Harsh on Galway!

Another point for Dublin. Dublin 2-15 Galway 0-15….and there’s the full-time whistle. FT Dublin 2-15 Galway 0-15

That was a spirited display from Galway. Six points between the sides certainly doesn’t do justice to their effort against a Dublin side that was populated with most of their first team.

  • Monaghan 2-14 Meath 1-17, Clones F/T
  • Mayo 1-19 Tyrone 3-14, Castlebar F/T

Mayo will play in Division 2 next year. Great fightback just comes up short.