Good Health Naturally with Evergreen Healthfoods

Each Tuesday morning Polly from Evergreen Healthfoods Galway drops in to chat with Keith on Galway Talks for our Good Health Naturally advice slot.

Polly has worked in Evergreen Healthfoods for 15 years and currently is the manager of Evergreen in the Eyre Square Shopping Centre. She holds a diploma with distinction in Health Food Retailing and also awareded the ‘Teddy Marsden Award’ for exceptional work in the field of Herbal Medicine.   

Her areas of study and interest are women’s hormone balance including fertility and menopause, and the study of how to manage pain and inflammation.  Polly first began to be interested in herbal remedies and treating illness with diet at about 9 years old, when a member of my family went into complete remission from rheumatoid arthritis- from not being able to work or even get out of bed, to being a normal active person within the space of a month. 

As well as being the store manage, Polly is the training manager for all seven Evergreen stores. “I tell the staff that the best we can do is to listen and share as much knowledge we have with the customers. That way, we are doing everything we can to help the customer to help themselves”

Tune in to hear what Polly has to say on Good Health Naturally every second Tuesday on Galway Talks to Keith Finnegan.

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Polly from Evergreen Healthfoods chats with Keith about nervous exhaustion and trying the Ashwaganda herb. Polly talks about natural antihistamines to fight seasonal hay fever and if you get regular tummy upsets it may be best to look firstly at gut repair. Polly also offers some advice to reduces soreness felt after excercising. Listen Back here to Good Health Natural on Galway Talks with Keith Finnegan

May 26th 2020


On Galway Talks Keith Finnegan chats with Polly from Evergreen Healthfoods about the benefits of sprouting seeds rather than just eating salads. Polly has some suggestions to improve a baby’s immunity following treatment with antibiotics. Keith asks for natural solutions for those feeling anxious at the moment and he asks what alternative to tablets or liquids is there for someone having difficulty getting to sleep. Listen back below:

Tuesday May 11th


Tuesday 28th April  On Good Health Naturally this week Polly from Evergreen Healthfoods chats with Keith on tomorrow morning about natural hair dyes and why you still may need Vitamin D despite enjoying the great sunshine.  Keith asks whether or not we should all wear facemasks, and seeks an alternative to tablets or drops for someone having trouble sleeping. What about advice for those with middle aged skin that’s breaking out and quite dry.  Polly has some suggestions! Listen to Good Health Naturally below:-

*Audio due*

Tuesday 14th April As the lockdown continues staying healthy is top of everyone’s agenda. On Galway Talks Keith speaks with Polly from Evergreen Healthfoods. He asks if it’s true that vitamin D is being recommended by doctors for the virus now? Polly explains how elderberry can help with a viral infection also she talks about foods that are best for a strong immune system? What about putting on weight staying inside with nothing to do but eat! Polly has some advice! Listen to Good Health Naturally below:-

Tues 14th April 2020


31st March: On our Good Health Naturally advice slot on Galway Talks, Keith asks Polly from Evergreen Healthfoods the question – Is Evergreen open for business as usual? Keith asks some questions about vitamin C and whether you should take zinc as well. Also whether Ester-C is the best type of vitamin C? Polly explains about taking supplements and whether they can protect against the virus? Listen back below:

Tuesday 31st March 2020


18th March: On Galway Talks Keith Finnegan talks with Polly from Evergreen Healthfoods looking for some advice to help our listeners through these difficult days. Polly talks about Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Echinacea and how they can help when you are feeling sick. Keith asks for advice for someone who is panicking over the virus situation. Polly tells listeners what might help teenagers focus when studying at home and some useful advice on cleaning around the home without fumes and strong chemicals.

Wednesday 18th 2020

3rd March: Polly from Evergreen Healthfoods drops in for her usual advice slot ‘Good Health Naturally’ with Keith Finnegan on Galway Talks. Keith asks for advice on hair loss for a woman in her 40’s. Polly gives recommendations for teenage acne and for someone who is allergic to hair dye. Keith asked Polly if there is a link between palpitations and menopause, why are people going into Evergreen to buy black elderberry and what is bone broth? There’s plenty of food for thought.

Tuesday 3rd March 2020