Former Galway Airport site could become major hub for drone aircraft

Galway Bay fm newsroom – The Galway Airport site at Carnmore could be set to become a major hub for Drone aircraft.

Drone company Green Aviation is submitting a proposal to establish a base at the site for research and flight testing of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly known as Drones, are aircraft that operate without any human pilots onboard.

According to the Irish Independent, Green Aviation wants to establish a base at the former Galway Airport Site in Carnmore for research and development and flight testing.

Among the Dublin based companies current products are drones for land surveillance, search operations, surveying and aerial filming.

The proposal follows the recent publication of a feasibility study which suggests that the Galway Airport site could accommodate a creative campus for the film industry.

It’s likely the potential use of the Galway Airport site will arise at the international Drones Data X conference taking place in Mayo next month.

US companies are said to be extremely interested in the west of Ireland due to the suitability of the topography and climate for testing.