Cash me the Question

The answer is “an inch”

Listeners have made the following incorrect guesses:-

How is snow measured?

What can you pinch?

What is 2.54 cm?

An anagram for CHIN?

A place in Co. Clare?

A beach in Co. Cork?

You give people this and they take a mile?

If you have a foot and you take away eleven inches, what do you have?

What does the irish word ‘Orlach’ mean in english?

What does 25mm measure in inches in imperial measurement?

Inchy Bay Kerry

How long is an Inch worm?

What is the regulatory length of hair under a uniform cap for a Garda or a Soldier?

Name a Fairytale by Gelina Nelson?

Inch is the question, what is the answer?

If you remove the letter ‘P’ from Pinch, what do you have?

What is one twelfth of a foot?

What is the answer to the question on Galway Bay FM?

What is an inch?

What word makes up the 9th 14th 3rd and 8th letters of the alphabet?

Take a yard and give an inch.

The lyric of a Robert Palmer song