Statement From LGFA – 2020 TG4 Championships – IMPORTANT Safety Information


Good afternoon, all. 

As you are aware, the LGFA TG4 Championship are commencing next weekend and it is certainly a year like no other.  The LGFA have a number of guidelines, regulations and protocols to adhere to when running our games over the next number of weeks, which apply not only to LGFA volunteers but also to external contractors, including all media personnel.

Please see below some key steps outlined which you need to take before you and/or your crew attend a game and we have attached a User Guide to help you complete the steps. These steps must be followed by each individual member of your crew/media outlet who is attending the game on your behalf.

If you have any queries or any issues arise when following the steps, please contact Aislinn Harkin – [email protected] – and Aislinn will assist you.

  1. Pre-Registration to attend a Game
  • As outlined above, the LGFA must keep a log of every person who attends a fixture, including reporters and photographers
  • To ensure all your relevant documentation is in place prior to game, accreditation must be sought no later that 1 p.m. on the Friday before weekend games
  • Accreditation can be approved by contacting me at [email protected]
  1. Covid Health Questionnaire must be completed 48 hours before the fixture
  • A Covid Health Questionnaire must be completed by all individuals who are working at a game
  • Please log onto and follow the steps outlined in the attached User Guide
  • A Covid Health Questionnaire must be then reaffirmed or completed again prior to attending another fixture – this step must be completed before every game
  • If, after having completed the questionnaire, you start to feel unwell or have any of the Covid-19 symptoms do not attend the game.  Please inform us that you are no longer attending.
  • The submission of questionnaires will be checked by an LGFA Covid Supervisor
  1. Covid-19 eLearning Module
  • All those attending LGFA games must complete the Covid-19 eLearning Module before attending the game
  • The Covid-19 eLearning module can be accessed here:
  • At the end of the module you will receive a cert – REMEMBER to save a copy of the cert and submit to Deirdre [email protected]
  • You are only required to do this once
  1. Covid-19 Safety
  • Please find attached LGFA Media Guidelines – please familiarise yourself with these or pass to the relevant reporter/photographer
  • We ask all those working at our game to ensure a mask is worn at all times when at a game
  • Everyone should wash/sanitise their hands on a regular basis
  • If any of the people assigned to our game feels unwell after working on a game and requires a Covid-19 test we require you to inform me so that we can provide contact tracing to the HSE as required.

We look forward to working with you over the coming weeks to run successful Championships.