National Football League MATCH TRACKER Galway V Mayo


Welcome to our National Football League MATCH TRACKER of Galway V Mayo, Tuam Stadium, Throw-in 2pm

TEAM NEWS: Damien Comer starts or Galway today in Tuam Stadium at centre forward in place of Michael Daly.

GAME ON! Conor Loftus points for Mayo with the first attack after the throw-in. Mayo 0-1 Galway 0-0

Cillian O’Connor points a free for Mayo to add to their lead. Mayo 0-2 Galway 0-0

Damien Comer pulls up with hamstring injury – replaced by Michal Daly

Mayo add another point but Liam Silke gets Galway’s first score. Mayo 0-3 Galway 0-1

Aidan O’Shea punches a point for Mayo. Mayo 0-4 Galway 0-1

Mark Moran adds another for Mayo. Johnny Duane is down on the ground. Mayo 0-5 Galway 0-1

Johnny Duane goes off to be replaced by Gary O’Donnell

GOAL for MAYO. Mark Moran punishes hesitation in the Galway defence. Mayo 1-5 Galway 0-1

Paul Conroy answered with a point. May0 1-5 Galway 0-2

Paul Conroy is wrestled to the ground and Robert Finnerty reduces the lead with a point from the free. Mayo 1-5 Galway 0-3

Another point from Conroy wipes out the goal. Mayo 1-5 Galway 0-4

Mark Moran tags another point for Mayo. Mayo 1-6 Galway 0-4

Robert Finnerty finds Gary O’Donnell in space and he kicks the point. Mayo 1-6 Galway 0-5

Mayo come again and Stephen Coen adds a point. Mayo 1-7 Galway 0-5

Galway give away a free from the kick out and Cillian O’Connor taps it over. Mayo 1-8 Galway 0-5

Mayo are seven up again as Matthew Conroy points. Mayo 1-9 Galway 0-5

Here’s a free in for Galway and Robert Finnerty brings it back to six…..and there’s a super save from Conor Gleeson to save more blushes for Galway. Meanwhile Conor Loftus stretches the Mayo advantage.

Mayo 1-10 Galway 0-6

Robert Finnerty point a free to keep Galway in touch. Mayo 1-10 Galway 0-7

GOAL for Mayo………Lee Keegan from corner back finishes a good move and looks to have put Mayo out of sight! Mayo 2-10 Galway 0-7

Cillian O’Connor adds from a free. This is serious! Mayo 2-11 Galway 0-7

Adrien Varely replaces Eamonn Brannigan as Padraig Joyce makes the changes.

Another free from Cillian O’Connor stretches Mayo’s advantage to a whopping 11 points. Mayo 2-12 Galway 0-7

Aidan O’Shea adds another. Then Cillian O’Connor receives the kick out and makes it Mayo 2-14 Galway 0-7

Mayo come again. This is a hiding for Galway. Mayo 2-15 Galway 0-7.

Cillian O’Connor adds a free and he now has eight points to his name and its not even half time yet! Mayo 2-16 Galway 0-7

Galway’s resistance is terrible. Matthew Conroy adss yet another simple point. Mayo 2-17 Galway 0-7

And that’s it for the first half. HT Mayo 2-17 Galway 0-7

It’s damage limitations for Galway now as the second half gets underway in Tuam. Tom Flynn is in for John Maher.

Cillian McDaid opens the 2nd half scoring. ….Tommy Conroy answers for Mayo. Mayo 2-18 Galway 0-8

Free in for Galway and Rob Finnerty converts. Mayo 2-18 Galway 0-9

Cillian O’Connor curls another free beautifully. Mayo 2-19 Galway 0-9

Robert Finnerty point from play. Mayo 2-19 Galway 0-10

Adrian Varley adds another. Mayo 2-19 Galway 0-11

Yet another free from Cillian O’Connor gives him 10 for the day so far. Mayo 2-20 Galway 0-11

Cien D’arcy point for Galway. Mayo 2-20 Galway 0-12

Robert Finnerty point a free from out the field. Mayo 2-20 Galway 0-13

GOAL for MAYO……..Conor Loftus buries it after rounding the ‘keeper. Mayo 3-20 Galway 0-13

Paul Conroy taps one over. Mayo 3-20 Galway 0-14

Aidan O’Shea answers for Mayo. Mayo 3-21 Galway 0-14

Darren Coen fly kicks one over and Mayo now lead by a massive 3-22 to 0-14

Robert Finnerty adds one from a free. Mayo 3-22 Galway 0-15

Liam Silke points from play. Mayo 3-22 Galway 0-16

Great save from Conor Gleeson from a shot from Tommy Conroy

Paddy Durcan points from play. Mayo 3-23 Galway 0-16

There will be 4 minutes of added time

Matt Barrett finishes Galway’s best move of the day. Mayo 3-23 Galway 0-17

Referee calls a halt to the game. Big win for Mayo. Poor day at the office for Galway. Final Score: Mayo 3-23 Galway 0-17