MATCH TRACKER Connacht Final Galway V Roscommon

FULL TIME: Roscommon 1-13 Galway 0-12

IT’S ALL OVER – Roscommon are Connacht Champions!

70+8 Conor Cox adds another from a free. Rosc 1-13 Gal 0-12

Roscommon fans are invading the pitch! It’s not over

70+5 Conor Cox answers with a point. Rosc 1-12 Gal 0-12

70+4 Shane Walsh points a 45. Rosc 1-11 Gal 0-12

There will be 7 minutes of added time!!!!!

68′ Martin Farragher comes in for Ian Burke

65′ Diarmuid Murtagh lands another free….Galway Need a goal! Rosc 1-11 Gal 0-11

62′ Killian Mc Daid & Adrian Varley are on the Galway team

60′ Tadgh O’Rourke stretches the lead to two. Rosc 1-10 Gal 0-11

58′ Niall Daly puts Roscommon back in front. Rosc 1-9 Gal 0-11

56′ Galway get their first point of the second half! Michael Daly. Gal 0-11 Rosc 1-8

53′ Sean Kelly come on for Peter Cooke

49′ Free in for Roscommon and they take the lead – Diarmuid Murtagh points. Rosc 1-8 Gal 0-10

41′ LEVEL! Conor Cox points from play. Gal 0-10 Rosc 1-7

39′ Goal for Roscommon – Seamus Murtagh low and hard! Gal 0-10 Rosc 1-6

38′ Niall Kilroy gets the first point of the second half. Gal 0-10 Rosc 0-6

Second Half Underway

Michael Meehan: “Galway have been efficient and playing the game on their own terms”

HALF TIME: Galway 0-10 Roscommon 0-5

35′ Gareth Bradshaw gets in on the act with a mighty point. Gal 0-10 Rosc 0-5

33′ Shane Walsh is hit late and Michael Daly points from the resultant free. Gal 0-9 Rosc 0-5

30′ Straight away Eamonn Brannigan whip over another one. Gal 0-8 Rosc 0-5

30′ Shane Walsh adds a point from a free. Gal 0-7 Rosc 0-5

27′ Antaine Ó Laoi finishes a good Galway move. Gal 0-6 Rosc 0-5

Game has got very untidy as the rain comes down again in Pearse Stadium

Conor Devaney is replaced by Hubert D’Arcy on the Roscommon team

Fiontán Ó Curraoin is injured and replaced by Eamonn Brannigan

20′ Diarmuid Murtagh levels it. Gal 0-5 Rosc 0-5

16′ Conor Cox taps over a free, Gal 0-5 Rosc 0-4

11′ Shane Walsh kicks a great point for Galway. Gal 0-5 Rosc 0-3

10′ Conor Cox gets a brilliant point for the Rossies. Gal 0-4 Rosc 0-3

9′ Fiontán Ó Curraoin lands a huge point. Gal 0-4 Rosc 0-2

8′ Shane Walsh with another. Gal 0-3 Rosc 0-2

6′ Galway are level again with a lovely point from Ian Burke. Gal 0-2 Rosc 0-2

4′ Michael Daly open the Galway account. Gal 0-1 Rosc 0-1

2 Minutes Roscommon take the lead. Conor Devaney. Rosc 0-1 Gal 0-0

4.00 GAME ON!

Welcome to our Sunday Sports MATCH TRACKER of the Connacht Football Final between Galway and Roscommon from Pearse Stadium. Throw-in 4pm.

Changes to the Galway team: Ruairi Lavelle comes into goal for Bernard Power and Peter Duggan starts in place of Danny Cummins