Corinthians And Galwegians Learn Community Series And Energia League Schedules

Corinthians and Galwegians have today found out their schedule for both the Community Series and Division Two A of the Energia League following their release this afternoon by the IRFU. The IRFU Community Series will be a Connacht League with both Galway sides joined by Buccaneers, Sligo and Ballina with the first round of games to be played on Saturday the 26th of September. In total, ten rounds will be played with the opening game for Corinthians at home to Ballina and Galwegians having the weekend off with their opening game a week later away to Sligo. The final round of games will be held on the 12th of December with Corinthians at home to Sligo and Galwegians at home to Buccaneers.

The Schedule for the Community Series is as follows….

26/9/20 – Round One

Buccaneers RFC v Sligo RFC

Galway Corinthians RFC v Ballina RFC

3/10/20 – Round Two

Ballina RFC v Buccaneers RFC

Sligo RFC v Galwegians RFC

10/10/20 – Round Three

Galwegians RFC v Galway Corinthians RFC

Ballina RFC v Sligo RFC

17/10/20 – Round Four

Galwegians RFC v Ballina RFC

Galway Corinthians RFC v Buccaneers RFC

31/10/20 – Round Five

Sligo RFC v Galway Corinthians RFC

Buccaneers RFC v Galwegians RFC

7/11/20 – Round Six

Sligo RFC v Buccaneers RFC

Ballina RFC v Galway Corinthians RFC

14/11/20 – Round Seven

Buccaneers RFC v Ballina RFC

Galwegians RFC v Sligo RFC

21/11/20 – Round Eight

Galway Corinthians RFC v Galwegians RFC

Sligo RFC v Ballina RFC

5/12/20 – Round Nine

Ballina RFC v Galwegians RFC

Buccaneers RFC v Galway Corinthians RFC

12/12/20 – Round Ten

Galway Corinthians RFC v Sligo RFC

Galwegians RFC v Buccaneers RFC

Division Two B of the Energia League will begin on the 9th of January with Corinthians at home to Ballina and Galwegians away to Sligo. The league will run for nine rounds with the Semi-Finals scheduled for the 17th of April and the Final a week later.

The schedule of games for Division Two B of the Energia League is as follows…

9/1/21 – Round One       

Blackrock College v Dungannon

Galway Corinthians v Ballina

Greystones v Belfast Harlequins

Sligo v Galwegians

Wanderers v Malahide

16/1/21 – Round Two

Ballina v Wanderers

Belfast Harlequins v Sligo

Dungannon v Greystones

Galwegians v Galway Corinthians

Malahide v Blackrock College

23/1/21 – Round Three

Blackrock College v Ballina

Galway Corinthians v Belfast Harlequins

Malahide v Dungannon

Sligo v Greystones

Wanderers v Galwegians

6/2/21 – Round Four

Ballina v Malahide

Belfast Harlequins v Wanderers

Dungannon v Sligo

Galwegians v Blackrock College

Greystones v Galway Corinthians

13/2/21 – Round Five

Ballina v Dungannon

Blackrock College v Belfast Harlequins

Galway Corinthians v Sligo

Malahide v Galwegians

Wanderers v Greystones

20/2/21 – Round Six

Belfast Harlequins v Malahide

Dungannon v Galway Corinthians

Galwegians v Ballina

Greystones v Blackrock College

Sligo v Wanderers

6/3/21 – Round Seven

Ballina v Belfast Harlequins

Blackrock College v Sligo

Galwegians v Dungannon

Malahide v Greystones

Wanderers v Galway Corinthians

13/3/20 – Round Eight

Belfast Harlequins v Galwegians

Galway Corinthians v Blackrock College

Greystones v Ballina

Sligo v Malahide

Wanderers v Dungannon

3/4/21 – Round Nine

Ballina v Sligo

Blackrock College v Wanderers

Dungannon v Belfast Harlequins

Galwegians v Greystones

Malahide v Galway Corinthians

Semi-Finals – 17th April 

Finals – 24th April