Welcome to our Connacht Final MATCHTRACKER – Galway V Mayo, Pearse Stadium. Throw-in 1.30pm

Mayo playing with the aid of the wind in the first half

Dessie Conneely opens the scoring for Galway. Galway 0-1 Mayo 0-0

Tommy Conroy answers for Mayo. Galway 0-1 Mayo 0-1

Cillian O’Connor puts Mayo ahead….Mayo 0-2 Galway 0-1

Tommy Conroy adds another. Mayo 0-3 Galway 0-1

Diarmuid O’Connor Put three between the sides. Mayo 0-4 Galway 0-1

Paddy Durkan stretches Mayo’s lead. Mayo 0-5 Galway 0-1

Dessie Conneely wins a free and Shane Walsh narrows the gap. Mayo 0-5 Galway 0-2

Ryan Donoghue wins a mark and adds the the Mayo lead, Mayo 0-6 Galway 0-2 – Ronan Steede comes in to the game.

Johnny Duane off injured is replaced by Gareth Bradshaw

Matthew Ruane punches a point. Mayo 0-7 Galway 0-2

Gary O’Donnell is fouled and Shane Walsh strokes it over the bar. Mayo 0-7 Galway 0-3

Shane Walsh points from play…just over the crossbar. May0 0-7 Galway 0-4

Cillian O’Connor from a free stretches it back to 4 between the side, Mayo 0-8 Galway 0-4

Delightful point from Paul Kelly. Mayo 0-8 Galway 0-5

There goes the half time whistle……who will be the happiest? Mayo 0-8 Galway 0-5

Second Half underway and Paul Conroy narrow the gap. Mayo 0-8 Galway 0-6

Mayo answer with a point from play. Mayo 0-9 Galway 0-6

Mayo score again from Tommy Conroy. Mayo 0-10 Galway 0-6

….and another for the Green & Red. Mayo 0-11 Galway 0-6

Shane Walsh produces the class…Mayo 0-11 Galway 0-7

Paul Conroy points a monster…Mayo 0-11 Galway 0-8

Kieran Molly comes in for Gary O’Donnell

Beauty from Shane Walsh from out on the wing. Mayo 0-11 Galway 0-9

Cillian O’Connor taps a free over. Mayo 0-12 Galway 0-9

Here comes Damien Comer…………….

Paul Conroy wins a short kickout….Mayo 0-12 Galway 0-10

Routine free for Cillian O’Connor. Mayo 0-13 Galway 0-10

Shane Walsh narrows the gap again. Mayo 0-13 Galway 0-11

Brilliant save from Bernard Power…….phew!

Brian Walsh punches a point to leave three in it again. Mayo 0-14 galway 0-11

Paul Conroy lands a huge point. Mayo 0-14 Galway 0-12

Shane Walsh taps over a close-in free. Mayo 0-14 Galway 0-13

Time Up! Mayo through by the minimum margin. Mayo 0-14 Galway 0-13