All-Ireland Senior Hurling Quarter Final Match Tracker

Some game…Thanks for reading…I’m going for a lie down!

Not a game for a weak heart but Galway are in the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Semi-Final against Limerick next weekend!

Puckout is won by Daithi Burke who is fouled! Seventy FIVE minutes now played. Eanna Murphy takes the free…The referee blows the Full Time Whistle….GALWAY HAVE DONE IT!

Joe Canning will take it….The three minutes of injury have been played……CANNING GETS IT! Galway 3-23 Tipperary 2-24

The puckout from Eanna Murphy goes over the line. Ronan Maher takes it but Gearoid McInerney wins the ball and gives to Evan Niland who is fouled!

Dan McCormack goes for goal…It goes wide but the referee gives Tipperary a free. Seamus Callanan takes it. It’s a point. Galway 3-22 Tipperary 2-24.

Three minutes of additional time to be played….we have played one of those.

Tipperary have a have a chance…Seamus Callanan is fouled by Jason Touhy….Free Tipperary…Yellow Card Touhy….Brian Hogan will take it….Going for goal….Deflected for point.

At the other end…Jason Flynn….Point Galway! Ball is pucked out…Sean Loftus from Padraig Mannion’s pass….ANOTHER ONE! Galway 3-22 Tipperary 2-22…..

Tipp have a chance here..Dan McCormack goes for goal….Goes over the bar. Galway 3-20 Tipperary 2-22.

Now Galway have a free! Joe Canning……Another point for Joe Canning and Galway leads 3-20 to 2-21.

Galway are patient here….Touhy to Cooney to Aidan Harte….GOALLLLLL Galway! Galway 3-19 Tipperary 2-21. Incredible!

Five Minutes left and Ronan Maher puts Tipperary two points in front with a great point. Tipperary 2-21 Galway 2-19.

This game has opened up and Conor Cooney is adjudged to have caught the ball three times. Didn’t. Referee decides to throw in the ball.

Willie Connors for Tipperary and they are back in front. Tipperary 2-20 Galway 2-19.

Joe Canning takes the free but it’s a difficult one…Goes over the bar! TEAMS ARE LEVEL! Galway 2-19 Tipperary 2-19

Adrian Touhy to Gearoid MacInerney to Brian Concannon and Concannon is fouled…Chance for Galway to level the game.

Ten minutes left…One point between the sides….

Still over ten minutes remaining…Shane Cooney under pressure and John McGrath steals it for Tipperary…Ball goes out for a sideline.

CHANCE GALWAY….Conor Cooney has a chance for goal but loses control and Brian Hogan makes the save. Ball out for a sideline cut and Joe Canning nails it! Tipperary 2-19 Galway 2-18.

Free is brought forward….looks close but is over the bar. Tipperary 2-19 Galway 2-17.

Jason Forde is fouled by Shane Cooney and the referee gives the free.

Padraig Mannion is down and it does not look good…Sean Loftus is warming up. Mannion decides he is going to play on.

Joe Canning with the free and it’s down to one! 2-18 to 2-17.

Daithi Burke to Brian Concannon and Concannon is fouled…Another free for Galway….Cathal Barrett is sent off! Tipperary down to fourteen. Second Yellow Card for the Tipp man.

Referee calls for the second half water break. We have twenty minutes remaining in Limerick.

The gap is suddenly two! Adrian Touhy is fouled and Joe Canning gets the score. Tipperary leads but it’s just two points. Tipperary 2-18 Galway 2-16.

Galway are not giving up…Joe Canning with a free as the light’s go on at the Gaelic Grounds…Tipperary lead 2-18 to 2-15.

Barry Heffernan for Tipperary…2-18 to 2-14

Conor Whelan with a point for Galway and it’s back to a goal.

Seamus Callanan for Tipperary and they are back to four ahead. 2-17 to 2-13.

Cathal Mannion is on fire with another excellent point. Gap down to three again…Tipperary 2-16 Galway 2-13.

Brian Hogan with a free for Tipp. Wide

Dan McCormack restores the four point advantage lead for Tipperary…2-16 to 2-12.

Conor Whelan collects the pass and is fouled. Another Free for Galway. Great pass from Cathal Mannion…..Joe Canning will take the free…Ronan Maher gets a yellow card……Point Galway. Three now between the teams…Tipperary 2-15 Galway 2-12.

Cyril Donnellan makes the point that Galway needs to win the “Dirty Ball”. Adrian Touhy must have heard him and does so and wins a free. Joe Canning puts it over the bar. Now four between the teams.

Galway needs a point and Cathal Mannion has got it. Tipperary 2-15 Galway 2-10.

Three wides in the second half for Galway and at the other end Michael Breen has grabbed Tipp’s second point of the half….2-15 to 2-9.

The Second Half has restarted and Tipperary have extended their lead to five points….2-14 to 2-9.

Galway have the wind in the second half…Will that be a factor in the second thirty five?

Referee blows the Half Time Whistle and Tipperary lead by four points. 2-13 to 2-9.

The teams swap points but Tipperary now has a four point lead. Tipperary 2-13 Galway 2-9.

Jake Morris to Bonner Maher…Saved by Murphy…back to Shane Cooney…He slipped….Maher…GOAL Tipperary! They are three points up. Tipperary 2-11 Galway 2-8.

Alan Flynn takes advantage of a Galway slip….Teams are level again….Galway 2-8 Tipperary 1-11.

Noel McGrath with the point and Jason Forde adds another…Galway is now just a point ahead…Galway 2-8 Tipperary 1-10.

Yellow card for Jake Morris….Padraig Mannion not a happy camper! However, Cathal Mannion did get a point and Galway now lead 2-8 to 1-8.

Jake Morris closes the gap again…Galway 2-7 Tipperary 1-8.

Conor Cooney gets his first score of the championship and Galway again three up..Galway 2-7 Tipperary 1-7

Maher closes the gap again for Tipperary.

Alan Flynn with one back for Tipperary…Galway 2-6 Tipperary 1-6

Free Galway…Joe Canning slots it over…Galway 2-6 Tipperary 1-5

The first twenty minutes of this game have flown!

Conor Whelan has a chance to extend Galway’s lead…….Just wide.

Conor Whelan has the ball….To Brian Concannon….GOAL! Brilliant work from Cooney in the build up. Galway lead 2-5 to 1-5.

Jake Morris closes the gap and then Noel McGrath levels matters for Tipperary. Galway 1-5 Tipperary 1-5.

First Half Thoughts….Not a great start by Galway but Daithi Burke was unfortunate to slip to let Callanan in for the Tipperary goal. They have settled well though.

Sixteen Minutes gone in the First Half…Joe Canning with a free but it veers wide. Referee calls the First Half Water Break.

Now Joe Canning gets one! Galway now lead by two! Galway 1-5 Tipperary 1-3.

Joseph Cooney can give Galway the lead and he has! Galway lead 1-4 to 1-3.

Eleven minutes gone and not the greatest of starts but Galway have settled and that goal from Cathal Mannion has leveled matters. This could be a cracker!

Cathal Mannion……WHAT A GOAL! Brilliant goal from the Ahascragh/Fohenagh man and the teams are level! 1-3 each!

Brian Concannon has a chance…Great save by the Tipp keeper but ref calls it back for a free. Joe Canning gets the point and there is a goal between the teams.

Jason Forde with another point for Tipperary and they now lead 1-3 to 0-2.

Seamus Callanan is in…GOAL Tipp. Noel McGrath adds a point and Tipperary now leads 1-2 to 0-2.

Already two points on the board…Joe Canning opens the scoring for Galway. Tipperary respond and Johnny Coen makes it 0-2 to 0-1.

The Scene is set, the teams are out and the game is on!

A minutes silence is observed in memory of the fourteen who died on Bloody Sunday one hundred years ago today.

The Tipperary team is…

1. Brian Hogan – Lorrha-Dorrha

2. Cathal Barrett – Holycross-Ballycahill

3. Ronan Maher – Thurles Sarsfields

4. Alan Flynn – Kiladangan

5. Niall O’Meara – Kilruane MacDonaghs

6. Brendan Maher – Borris-Ileigh

7. Padraic Maher – Thurles Sarsfields

8. Noel McGrath – Loughmore-Castleiney

9. Michael Breen – Ballina

10. Dan McCormack – Borris-Ileigh

11. John McGrath – Loughmore-Castleiney

12. Patrick Maher – Lorrha-Dorrha

13. Jason Forde – Silvermines

14. Séamus Callanan (Capt.) – Drom-Inch

15. Jake Morris – Nenagh Éire Óg

Galway are lining out like this…

A place in the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Semi-Final is at stake as Galway face Limerick this afternoon in the All-Ireland Quarter Final at the Gaelic Grounds.