The Live Wire with Ronan Lardner

Our lunchtime show "The Live Wire with Ronan Lardner" is a lively, music-driven show from 12 to 3 with an entertaining mix of music from the 80’s to current hits, together with local news, sport and features. The show is full of high energy and Ronan’s own sense of fun and entertainment.

You’ve seen Part 1, so now it’s time to announce the winner.
Happy Pancake Day Everyone! Go flippin’ mad and enjoy!🥞🥞
A very special thanks to Jacinta Dalton, Head of Culinary Arts & Service Industries at GMIT (Official), a woman with a great sense of humour!!

What happens when you put four Galway Bay FM presenters in a professional kitchen with a bag of flour, eggs and milk!
Flippin’ Pancakes that’s what! Keith, Ronan, Alan and Ollie took on our Perfect Pancake Challenge – Part One. Who do you think won first place? Watch this space for Part Two! 🥞

The lunchtime show kicks off with the 5 Note Challenge..5 songs..€500 cash. Identify the 5 songs correctly and win €500 cash  Are your ears sharp enough?…….

Ronan also runs through the Time Tunnel each day after 2pm. He selects a year each day and plays hit songs and reads some major news headlines, with a spotlight on what was happening in Galway, from that year.

Another feature of the show is the Secret Sound of Galway, Ronan plays a sound for listeners to identify and to win our cash prize, it’s a bit of a head wrecker really!  Check out the list of guesses so far HERE.

Ronan Lardner is known and recognised across all parts of  Galway City and County and has considerable experience entertaining Galwegians through dramas, musicals and DJ’ing.

The Secret Sound of Galway
Cash Me the Question
Cash Me The Question