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The A-List with Alan Murphy from 3 to 5 pm each afternoon Monday to Friday is playing music you love – the newest songs from both Irish and international artists as well as huge hits from the 90s and noughties.

Galway is a vibrant city and county with an international blend of cultures and styles, Alan Murphy’s show gives us an insight into some of the stars Galway can attract. Join Alan each afternoon from 3pm.

A big part of The A LIST show is the celebrity interview.  Alan’s ‘little black book’ hoards an impressive list of celebrity contacts and Alan has interviewed everyone from Paris Hilton and Charlise Theron to Janice Dickinson, Jedward to Louis Walsh and brings you closer to the stars on his show than anyone else. Alan loves nothing more than putting our listeners questions to his guest celebrity, and encourages all our listeners to get involved and have their say on all aspects of the show.

Laughing all the way to the bank. We want to have you laughing all the way to the bank! Identify our mystery celebrity laugh and we’ll give you €500 in cold hard cash. For your chance to win, tune in every day to Mollie in the Morning with Ollie and Molly and ‘The A-List’ with Alan Murphy

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Book Club Book Review Tuesday 27th OCT – The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman 

Our good friends at Kennys Bookshop select a book each month and what better advice could we get!

Alan’s Dance Through It – Music Playlist

Alan’s Self-Isolation and Chill…Disney+ Style.

Disney+ finally arrives in the midst of self-isolation and the timing honestly couldn’t be any better. Our Alan has done it again and complied a list of his Top 10 shows and movies to binge on from the legendary House of Mouse.

No.1 The Mandalorian – Duh, it’s Star Wars. Worth the subscription fee for this alone. And it’s got Baby Yoda! Obsessed.

No. 2 Star Wars, Episodes 1-8 – The first eight movies in one handy place, and with number nine on the way soon, the force is very much with you.

No. 3 The Simpsons – 30 whole seasons of Homer and fam to devour. Yeah it peaked like 20 years ago but, who cares, it’s still funnier than most of the other shows on TV. And Meghan Markle is rumoured to make a cameo this year.

No. 4 Aladdin – When I was a kid, I wanted to be Aladdin when I grew up. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. But this animated classic is still as amazing and sassy as ever.

No. 5 The Lion King – I’ve watched this more than any other movie in my lifetime. It’s a classic and a half. Fingers crossed Mufasa won’t die this time. I can’t deal!

No. 6 The Little Mermaid – A truly beautiful movie but I don’t think Ariel would fancy being a part of this world in 2020. Up where they walk. Up where they run. Up where they stay all day…inside!

No. 7 Stargirl – A new, original movie that’s totally heartwarming and utterly charming. Be yourself, yo! Oh and fun fact, it stars Grace VanderWaal, the kid with the ukulele that won America’s Got Talent.

The Daily Dish – Alan dishes up the latest, juiciest news from the world of fame and celebrity and all the latest fashion trends

No. 8 High School Musical: The Musical: The Series – The longest title for a show since television was invented but they made a whole frickin’ series based on the movies. How cool is that?

No. 9 The Parent Trap – It has Lindsay Lohan in it. As twins. And from way back when she could act. Such a good film.

No. 10 The Muppets – Disney+ is overflowing with movies and shows from the incredibly zany Muppets. And full of fabulous appearances from the original diva herself, Miss Piggy. Never gets old.

Alan Murphy’s Self Isolation & Chill

Alan’s Top 10 most binge-worthy shows while we’re socially distancing. (Click on the tv show title to view trailer.)

The time has finally come where you can be a couch potato and damn proud of it. Here’s a list of some of Alan’s favourite shows and movies to binge on to your heart’s content while we’re all self-isolating. Happy viewing everyone!

No. 1 Love Is Blind – You can thank me later!

No. 2 The Witcher – Henry Cavill, enough said. 

No. 3 Fleabag – if you haven’t already, then watch it immediately. 

No. 4 Locke & Key – Great family fun. Awesome cast. 

No. 5 Friends – Could the reason to watch BE any more obvious? 

No. 6 To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before – Because we all need Lara Jean in our lives at a time like this. 

No. 7 To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You – Team Peter or Team John? 

No. 8 Derry Girls – Catch yourself on if you haven’t already watched this show. 

No. 9 Cheer – Give me a C, give me a H…you get the gist! 

No. 10 The Politician – Bonkers. Stupid. Far-fetched. Nonsensical. Amazing

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Alan chats with Finn Ni Fhaolain, Fionnuala Moran and Lisa Regan about Earth Day

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On The A List today Alan celebrates Earth Day with a few guests! Alan chats with by Fionnuala Moran from about living simpler, to Lisa from Lisa Regan Public Relations about not buying clothes for a year, and to surfer, clean ocean advocate, marine biologist, food writer and blogger Finn Ni Fhaolain about Saltwater Stories. It’s all about being kind to yourself, each other and our planet Earth

Alan chats with Finn Ni Fhaolain, Fionnuala Moran and Lisa Regan


Listen back to Alan’s full-length interview from winner of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Lottie Ryan.


Miss Galway 2020, Pamela Ashley Uba joined Alan Murphy in studio for the ‘ How Wrong Can You Be Quiz’. 45 seconds on the clock and the person with the most wrong answer WINS!

Miss Galway 2020, Pamela Ashley Uba joins Alan Murphy in studio for the ‘ How Wrong Can You Be Quiz’. 45 seconds on the clock and the person with the most wrong answer WINS!

The Pancake Day Challenge 2020

What happens when you put four Galway Bay FM presenters in a professional kitchen with a bag of flour, eggs and milk!
Flippin’ Pancakes that’s what! Keith, Ronan, Alan and Ollie took on our Perfect Pancake Challenge – Part One. Who do you think won first place? Watch this space for Part Two! 🥞

You’ve seen Part 1, so now it’s time to announce the winner.
Happy Pancake Day Everyone! Go flippin’ mad and enjoy!🥞🥞
A very special thanks to Jacinta Dalton, Head of Culinary Arts & Service Industries at GMIT (Official), a woman with a great sense of humour!!

About Alan Murphy

Alan hails from County Mayo. He graduated from Griffith College in Dublin with a First Class Honours Degree in journalism and media.  Alan is a successful showbiz writer and has written for numerous publications both nationally and internationally. Alan has recently published his first book ‘Beyond the Spotlight’ .

Alan firmly believes everything happens for a reason and lives by the motto: “Follow your bliss.”