MELODIES with Valerie Hughes

Tue, Wed, Thurs 8-10pm

Melodies with Valerie Hughes is an opportunity to hear more of the songs and artists that we love like Neil Diamond, Smokie, Gareth Brooks, Gilbert O’Sullivan, The Eagles and Simon & Garfunkel with songs that we all know and sing along to!

It’s the greatest melodies from the world of country and easy listening you’ll hear on the radio.  

Melodies with Valerie Hughes is with you Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening 8 to 10pm.

Podcast – Bitesize Tails

Welcome to Bitesize Tails with Valerie Hughes. Many of you may be aware of my interest in Bernese Mountain Dogs and my involvement in the breed. It wasn’t a straightforward route …….life rarely is!  Check out my Podcast to see how it all came about!

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