Liam Mellows Fundraising Feature On Over The Line

Over the last decade, with the support of the entire Liam Mellows family and local business community, they have been fortunate to develop and expand the club’s grounds in Ballyloughane. As a growing club and in order to provide the best facilities for current and future members, they intend investing a further €750,000 over the next 12 months.

Through the existing revenue and the repayment capacity available to the Club (including the Astroturf pitches), they can fund €550,000 cost of the works through a combination of borrowings and grants already secured. However, they need your help to help fund the €172,000 purchase cost of the land. All donors will be acknowledged on a “Donor Recognition Plaque”, to be erected at the approach to the new pitch.

To do this, the club have embarked on a fundraising drive to complete the development.

Brian Keville and David Collins joined Gerry, George and Barry in studio on Over The Line to talk about their plans for the club.