Mutton Island Lighthouse badly damaged by vandals

Mutton Island Lighthouse has been badly damaged by vandals. Keith Finnegan spoke to Jim Higgins Galways Heritage officer .

Keith Finnegan spoking to Jim Higgins Galways Heritage officer .

Letter from Tom Holohan:

Hi Tom Holohan here was out to visit mutton island light house last evening and the light house has been destroyed by vandals every thing inside has been broken windows broken doors destroyed there has been an attempt to smash the roof slates and the old mutton island original light has been busted.
The light house doors are open to the elements everything in side is broken or destroyed .
Looking at it I would think it will cost in the region of tens of thousands to put right maybe even more. Also there are no terns nesting on the island at this time people are going on to the island with dogs and letting them run wild.
Mutton island was always full of nesting terns at this time of year and at this moment in time there is not one pair nesting out there. Mutton island should be made a bird sanctuary. Shame on city council for letting this happen. Any other coastal county would love to have Mutton island on their door step but I suppose who becomes mayor is more important to city council. This is our heritage that city council seems not to care about.
Thanking you Tom Holohan
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