Healthy Galway – Sea Swimming with Frances Daly

On Galway Talks FRANCES DALY chats about SEA SWIMMING.

As a year round sea swimmer, Frances will discuss the positive impacts of sea swimming in terms of physical activity, mental wellbeing, social connectedness and nature. Listen Back Here to what Frances has to say.

Mon 29th June 2020

Sea swimming can have many benefits including improved wellbeing with changes in mood, decrease in stress and anxiety, feelings of being more refreshed and revitalised, increased energy levels and clarity, and also increased connection with the sea and nature. 

To support and encourage people to swim in the sea, swim distance markers were installed in Salthill in 2012. The markers, that are located at 100m, 250m, 500m, 750m, and 1km distances from Blackrock Tower in Salthill parallel to the Prom, have proven very successful in increasing the number of people who swim in the sea in Salthill over the past eight years.

The swim buoys are part of Healthy Galway City and funded by Health Promotion and Improvement, HSE with many people giving their time and energy voluntarily to provide expertise and get the buoys ready. There is a delay in getting the buoys in this year but they are being worked on. The level of interest and requests for the swim buoys gives an indication of how well they are used and confirms this investment to promote health and wellbeing in Galway City. 

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