The Secret Sound Of Galway Guess List

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N.B. To enter just text us your name and where you are from when requested. Please do not include your guess as part of your text as your entry will not be accepted.

Here is the list of guesses listeners have already given for this secret sound of Galway:

Shuffling a deck of cards
A handbreak being pulled
Opening a door
Cigar tipper
Plug in jack / aux lead
opening laces of your boot
a microphone with a bad cable connection

winding up a musical jewelry box

velcro on a coat or a pair of kids shoes

a cable tie

tape that takes hair off the human body

invoice printer

a needle on a record player

somebody pulling a penny up and down on a zip

tape off a role

electric fly killer in the butchers

winding up a clock

a bendy straw being pulled straight

an old fashioned typewriter

tv static

radio static 

machine counting money

flick the pages of a book

tearing a paper bag

card shuffling machine in a casino


a sheet being torn from a paper towel roll

selotape being ripped off selotape roll

A cone

salt/pepper grinder 

opening box of tablets safety cap


a letterbox 

Flicking of the pages of a book

someone squeezing bubble wrap

pushing buttons on a photocopier

pencil sharpener with a handle

opening a bag of crisps

Somebody ripping opening a jiffy bag

A typewriter

An air filter on a lawnmower flicking it with your finger

The plastic on a frozen dinner prodded with a fork

Taking off a medical plaster

A pepper / salt grinder

Moving the front seat of the car back

Cutting cling film after wrapping it

whoopee cushion

rustling plastic bag

breaking a biscuit in two halves

a firework going off 

kitchen tin foil 

a moth 

when you turn the key in the car engine electrics

pulling selotape

a welder 

gun for piercing a persons ear

a nail gun 

paper puncher 

tear a scratch ticket off a row 

a braille machine 


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