Tony Burke Motors Afternoon 12-5pm

On Thursday 11th join us for an afternoon with Tony Burke Motors your local Toyota & Lexus Dealer in Ballybrit. We’re celebrating the launch of their incredible range of 202 Hybrid Advantage offers. Join Ronan Lardner on The Live Wire from 12 and Alan Murphy from 3pm to discover why Hybrid is the right choice for today and for the future. You’ll also hear about Tony Burke Motors exciting new finance contribution offer for it’s 202 Hybrid Range.

What Tony Burke Motors has to say about Toyota Hybrid

Pure electricity, powered by battery, may well be the future. Hybrid is the here and now. Drive a Toyota Hybrid, and you’re already in electric mode, more than 50% of the time. Toyota mastered Hybrid technology way back in 1997. Ever since, Toyota has led the world in sustainable mobility. And that’s why Toyota has just released all 24,000 of their Hybrid patents to the world, so everyone can join us on the road to a better world. Today.

8 Simple Truths About Hybrid

Trust us, there’s nothing difficult about owning a Hybrid. In fact, we’re sure these eight simple Hybrid truths will put all your concerns to bed, once and for all.

We don’t do complicated. Our Hybrids have been created to make things easier for you.It begins when you push the start button – no key, no fuss. Then simply nudge the lever into D and away you go.

And it only gets easier. As the Hybrid system controls itself switching between electric and petrol engines at the optimum time, all you have to do is drive!

The battery in our Hybrids is as important as the engine. Without it, you won’t be going anywhere.That’s why we lovingly engineer each and every battery to live as long as the rest of the car.

Nothing makes us prouder to know that these batteries have been powering everyday lives, all around the world, since 1997.

Our Hybrids take urban life in their stride. Without confining your lifestyle to the city limits.Gliding along on smooth electric power, our Hybrids were born to take the tension out of your city commute.

So when it’s time for the weekend pursuit, you’ll be all charged up and ready to take advantage of the freedom to roam.

Every family is made up of different personalities. The same can be said of Hybrid. You can tackle the urban commute with our compact Yaris Hybrid, turn on the style with Auris Hybrid hatchback, express your sense of adventure with Auris Touring Sports, bring everyone together in the seven-seat Prius, or keep it original with the innovator of Hybrid: The Prius.

Our Hybrid story began back in 1997. The word spread and now over ten million Hybrid drivers are on the same page. From the roads to the racetracks, our Hybrids are continuing to grow in performance and popularity.

Over the next two years you will see the arrival of a number of new Hybrid models around the world.

Born in the era of the MP3. Hybrid arrived ahead of its time. Some weren’t ready for it, they thought Hybrid was a thing of the future. But our reliable Hybrids have been in the present for nearly two decades, ready for the here and now.

Throughout this journey, over ten million drivers have embraced a future with Hybrid.