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Galway Talks

Passports Chaos – Galway Talks. Sean Canney Passports Chaos – Do Not book flights unless you have valid passport in your hand! 

May generally is the month with the most applications lodged – followed by April and June. This year is expected to see around 1.7 million passport applications submitted in Ireland. 

“One thing that people get a little bit confused on is that when they apply for a passport online, that wouldn’t be when the processing timeline starts. It doesn’t start until they actually send in the documents. And sometimes that can take weeks, or even months, in some occasions for people to send the documents into us. So the clock really only starts ticking when we receive the documentation. And other times there can be issues with the documentation that’s received, and so we may have to go back to the applicant to get certain things clarified or ask for more documentation. Paper applications generally will take longer than those done digitally”.

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