Ours To Protect with John Morley (EP 45)

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Ours to Protect is a unique and exciting audio project – a collaboration of local and regional broadcasters from across the country who have come together to tackle climate change, champion climate action, and inform and educate audiences all over Ireland about how they can make a difference.

Today on ‘Ours To Protect’ John Morley talks to Rosina Joyce, Biodiversity Officer with Galway County Council, about Galway landowners being offered ‘hassle-free’ support to create more space for nature on their land.

Did you know…

· The Hare’s Corner initiative, coordinated by Burren-based landscape charity Burrenbeo Trust and the Biodiversity Office of Galway County Council, is launching a funding scheme to support landowners and community groups in undertaking nature-positive measures on their lands.

· The Hare’s Corner project offers landowners ‘hassle-free’ support to carry out simple but impactful actions for biodiversity, such as creating a wildlife pond, native mini-woodland, heritage mini-orchard with apple trees, or a bespoke ‘plan for nature’ or ‘peatland plan’ for their site.

· The Hare’s Corner project in Co. Galway in 2024 will be funded by Galway County through the Local Biodiversity Action Fund by National Parks and Wildlife Service and by Greencoat Renewables PLC.

Why is it important for landowners to create space for nature on their land?

· Having access to nature has been shown to have a number of benefits for human health and well-being.

· Creating space for nature can also help to make land more sustainable in the long term. For example, planting trees can help to reduce soil erosion and improve air quality.

· County Galway has a rich natural heritage, and creating space for nature helps to support biodiversity

What can I do to help create space for nature on land?

· You don’t have to create a nature reserve overnight. Start with a small project and build on your success.

· Take a walk around your property and observe what kind of existing habitat you have (trees, hedges, ponds, etc.) Make note of any areas that could be improved for wildlife.

· Plant native trees, shrubs, and wildflowers to create a food source and habitat for pollinators (bees, butterflies) and birds.

Here’s a few websites if you want to know more!

https://burrenbeo.com/thc/ – BurrenBeo Trust’s ‘The Hare’s Corner’ Page

https://www.galway.ie/en/services/more/heritage/biodiversitynaturalheritage/ – Galway County Council – Biodiversity and Hertiage

https://iwt.ie/get-involved/our-branches/galway-branch/ – Irish Wildlife Trust – Galway Branch

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