Ours To Protect with John Morley (EP 28)

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Ours to Protect is a unique and exciting audio project – a collaboration of local and regional broadcasters from across the country who have come together to tackle climate change, champion climate action, and inform and educate audiences all over Ireland about how they can make a difference.

Today on ‘Ours To Protect’ John Morley talks to Denise Feeney, Community Climate Action Officer with Galway County Council about funding climate action.

Did you know…

  • Galway County Council has recently launched a groundbreaking Community Climate Action Fund, providing €762,000 to support communities and not-for-profit organizations in developing climate-focused projects?
  • The funding is split up into categories of up to €20,000 for small projects, €21,000-€50,000 for medium projects, and €51,000-€100,000 for large-scale endeavours? This initiative enables a range of community-driven actions to address climate change.
  • Through a series of public information events, workshops, and webinars, the Community Climate Action Fund invites communities and not-for-profit organizations to engage, learn, and lead by example?

Why is it important to fund climate action?

  • To protect Ireland’s natural resources: Funding climate action initiatives helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, mitigate the effects of extreme weather events, and protect Ireland’s unique biodiversity.
  • Enhancing energy security: Investing in renewable energy sources like wind, solar, and geothermal power reduces reliance on fossil fuels and strengthens Ireland’s energy security.
  • Promoting economic growth and job creation: Investing in renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency measures, and other climate-friendly initiatives can stimulate economic activity and create new employment opportunities.

What can I do to help support the funding of climate action?

  • Get involved with climate-focused organizations: There are many non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Ireland working on climate action, such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), and An Taisce.
  • Support businesses that prioritize sustainability: Try to patronize businesses that are committed to sustainability practices.
  • Reduce your own greenhouse gas emissions: Make changes to your daily life that reduce your carbon footprint. This could include using public transportation, cycling or walking instead of driving, conserving water, reducing energy consumption, and composting food waste.

Here’s a few websites if you want to know more!

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI):

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Ireland:

Irish Environmental Network (IEN):

For more info go over to galwaybayfm.ie, click on Our to Protect image on home page. You could try out the  ‘Ecological Footprint’ calculator and you can take a quick survey.

‘Ours To Protect’ brought to you by Galway Bay fm, the IBI and funded by Coimisiún na Meán with the television licence fee – check out ‘ours to protect.ie for more info.

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