Cycling Incident – Salthill

Cycling Incident - Salthill

Cycling Incident – Salthill

Cycling Incident – Salthill. A cyclist who was the victim of an incident in Salthill earlier this week has taken to Twitter to urge drivers in Galway city to be more mindful of their behaviour. A young woman was knocked from her bicycle by a driver opening their car door near the prom on Monday morning.

GP Ciara Curran took to Twitter yesterday to identify herself as the victim of the incident and said the following:  

“This was me. I was knocked off my bike into oncoming traffic by someone opening the door of a parked car. Partly due to poor road design and lack of a segregated cycleway for safe cycling. Next time I might not be so lucky. What is it going to take to make our roads safe?”

There’s been strong response to her story-  

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Photo credit: Wild Atlantic Way