The Sound of The Warwick

The Warwick

So here it is, for those who missed it and those who wanted to hear it again, you can listen back to the podcast from The Sound Of The Warwick broadcast on Friday the 23rd.

Trying to squeeze 26 years into a 2-hour program wasn’t easy so maybe next time we can have longer interviews as there are so many stories yet to be told and even more songs. Many thanks to Steve, Stan, Gugai, Fergal, Ollie, Foz and Michael for coming on air to share their memories and to all who texted in on the night. The response was unbelievable.

Not the full story by any means but more a snapshot of the story of the Warwick. I’m considering doing Part 2 of The Sound of The Warwick with more emphasis on the music. Leave a comment on our Facebook page and let me know what you think.