The hilarious stresses we all go through while going on holiday

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Whether you're traveling with your family, your pals, your partner or you're going solo, there's certain moments we all go through along the way. 

Since Coors Light are rewarding life's challenges, like getting to the airport on time for a pint, we're taking a look at the things we all go through while going on a holiday.

Weighing Your Case

Weighing yourself, stepping down, picking up the case, getting back on the scale and so on. It's a drama. 

That's before you even start passing it around to your family members to see what they think it weighs. 

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Last Minute Terminal Check

The panic wondering if you're in Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 of Dublin airport is something we all go for. Even if you're travelling from somewhere outside of Dublin, you always leave it until the last minute. 

Checking for your passport every two minutes

Even though you know exactly where you put it and you saw it 10 times in the past hour, you still have that moment of panic where you think you don't have it. 

The Queue for Security

You're trying to take off your jacket, pull your case along, put your liquids in that little plastic bag and the queue keeps moving. 

Guilty Nerves

The worst thing you have in your bag is your underwear, yet you're still nervous when it's your turn to walk through security.

Two Hours Early

It's a real Irish thing arriving two hours before your flight. If you find yourself arriving a minute off that there's chaos.

Duty Free

With such bargains, it's hard not to buy 5 Toblerones, a bottle of perfume and three books. Carrying the bags along with your case is another story.

What Should I Caption My Instagram?

That's it. The stress is over. 

You get to have a well-deserved airport pint. 

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