23 February 2024

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Sustainable Secrets Part 2 – Irish Socksciety

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Sustainable Secrets Part 2 – Irish Socksciety

Sustainability has become a buzzword for businesses, but some are thinking outside the box as to what it looks like.

This mini series ‘Sustainable Secrets’ will look at businesses in Galway doing their part to make the city and county more sustainable in a creative way.

In this second part, we’ll be looking at the Irish Socksciety which was co-founded by Joanna Ciezka and Aleksandra Kieldanowicz in 2017.

The Irish Socksciety create various styles of unisex socks inspired by Ireland, Irish culture, humor, landscape and language.

They also provide customised socks for clients, with orders as far as China and Australia as well as various businesses across Ireland and around the globe.

Sustainability is a core part of their product from the socks themselves to packaging.

Our news reporter Caoimhe Killeen spoke to co-founder Joanna about how the Irish Sockiety was set up, how sustainability is a key part of the business and her top sustainable tip for other local businesses.

Joanna also had these top three tips for people on how to lead a more sustainable life :

1.Observe the elderly in how they respect the environment. They have a natural respect for the environment and where we need practice and education in order to live a sustainable life, they can do it without even thinking.

2. Speak up and educate on sustainability where possible. Oftentimes people simply don’t know, so it would be ideal if we could offer ourselves as an example and show solutions.

3. Always remember that recycling is great, but reusing is perfection!



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