11 January 2024

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Petmania Host Puppy Care Classes Nationwide for New Pet Owners this New Year

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Petmania Host Puppy Care Classes Nationwide for New Pet Owners this New Year

Getting a new puppy is an exciting time for any family but if you’re a first time pet-owner or are just new to everything puppy-related, it can be a daunting prospect too.

For anyone who has welcomed a puppy into their home over the Christmas period, or if they’re simply thinking about getting a new puppy in the coming weeks or months, Petmania is offering free puppy care classes for new and upcoming pet owners in all stores nationwide.

Taking place on the second Saturday every month, with the next date taking place on January 13th, Petmania will provide new puppy owners or soon-to-be puppy parents with the knowledge and information they will need to welcome their new dog into their forever home.

The aim of these puppy care classes is to help owners and their families integrate their new furry friend into the family and set up a lifetime of good habits. Petmania will share everything puppy owners need to know in order to care for, feed and protect the health and well-being of a new puppy.

Speaking about the importance of arming new puppy owners with the correct information needed to properly care for them, Petmania’s own champion dog trainer, Dawn Greer, says:

“Despite general advice discouraging people from committing to new pets during the festive season every year, and reminders that dogs ‘aren’t just for Christmas’, we do tend to see a rise in new puppy-owners during December and into January. We want these new pet-owners to have a healthy and successful relationship with their new pets so we are eager to share as much advice with them as possible to ensure that they have the tools to hand to help train and care for their new puppy.”

“Bringing home a new puppy is a big responsibility and with the reality of day to day commitments such as work and family, it can often be quite overwhelming for new pet families. Our Petmania puppy care classes aim to help alleviate some of that pressure and help provide puppy owners – and those planning on bringing a new puppy into their home soon – with expert guidance and advice on all aspects of a puppy’s new life.”

“While puppy is welcome to join us (once they’ve had their shots!), it isn’t necessary to bring your pup to this class. We’ll be training you, not your puppy!

Petmania’s Puppy Care Classes are a great way for new puppy parents to get to grips with the basics of bringing a new puppy into their lives. Covering everything from that first night home to what to feed your pup, healthcare essentials and that all-important house training. Classes last approximately an hour and are recommended for anyone who has just gotten, or who is preparing to bring their new puppy home.

The classes are free to attend and take place at Petmania stores nationwide on Saturday, 13th January. Spaces are limited and registering in advance is essential via www.petmania.ie/puppy-care-class and each participant will receive a free puppy care-gift pack.

Delivered by experienced Pet Care Advisors, the hour-long class covers everything from diet and nutrition for puppies to grooming, dental care, exercise and play.

Petmania’s experts will also advice on house training and things to consider settling a puppy into its new home. It also advises on essential products needed for new puppies.

In addition, Petmania have also introduced new puppy training classes in a number of their store locations including Athlone and Waterford. The new store location in Athlone features a custom-built training facility on the second floor, which will be delivered by trainer Dawn Greer with four types of courses on offer, from puppy pre-school to an intermediate certificate for adult dogs.

Petmania also offers its customers free access to the Petmania Puppy Club,  providing puppy owners with expert guidance on all aspects of a puppy’s health, diet, training and grooming – with timely emails issued to pet-owners throughout their pup’s first year to help navigate through those all-important developmental milestones. The Petmania Puppy Club also provides customers with exclusive access to discounts, care advice and step-by-step guidance through their puppy’s first year. See www.petmania.ie/puppy-club for more information.

Petmania now has 16 stores across Ireland with over 260 employees and the largest dog grooming business in the country.

For more information about Petmania, the latest advice on pet’s healthcare and to find your local store, visit www.petmania.ie.

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