Percy Pig Milkshake – Recipe

Check out this easy delicious Percy Pig milkshake recipe from M&S. We love it!

Percy Pig milkshake 


25g Percy Pig dessert sauce, plus extra for drizzling
100g Percy Pig ice-cream
A handful of crushed ice
125ml milk
Whipped cream
Jazzie sprinkles
Bag of Percy Pigs


Drizzle Percy Pig dessert sauce around the inside of your sundae glass. 

In a blender on high speed, blend the ice-cream, Percy Pig dessert sauce, a handful of crushed ice and the milk until smooth.

Pour into the drizzled sundae glass. Top with cream, drizzle with more dessert sauce and finish with jazzie sprinkles and Percy Pigs.

Pick up everything you need to make the ultimate Percy Pig milkshake in store, including their Percy Pig ice-cream.

Via: M&S

Photo credit M&S