6 June 2023

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Ours To Protect

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Ours To Protect

Ours to Protect is a unique and exciting audio project – a collaboration of local and regional broadcasters from across the country who have come together to tackle climate change, champion climate action, and inform and educate audiences all over Ireland about how they can make a difference. We embark on a journey towards a greener and more sustainable future.  To find out more about the Our to Protect project check out www.ourstoprotect.ie

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Each Thursday around 11:30am on Galway Talks John Morley presents Ours to Protect. John aims to highlight how we can work together to protect the environment, listen back to each episode hereeListen back to this week’s episode

Check out our listen back library for all episodes HERE 

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Each week across, on air and on our social channels, we hope to inform our audience about the causes, impacts, and solutions related to climate change. We will delve a little into explaining the science behind climate change, highlighting its global and local consequences. We hope to inspire sustainable practices within our audiences and to empower everyone to make a positive difference.

We would like you to join is in showcasing innovative technologies, projects, and policies that contribute to a better environment for all. Climate change is a long-term issue that requires sustained efforts over time. We believe that together we can create a better future for the planet.

We want to here your stories of individuals, communities, and organizations who are making a difference.

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Ours to Protect is an Independent Broadcasters Ireland (IBI) audio project in collaboration with 23 radio local and regional radio stations across Ireland to broadcast programmes on climate change and to promote climate action by our audiences. It’s funded by the Coimisiún na Meán, with the Television Licence Fee as part of the Sound & Vision scheme.

More about Ours to Protect

Led by the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland, ‘Ours to Protect’ will see 23 local and regional radio stations broadcast over 1,200 new and unique programmes over a year – all devoted to climate change and climate action.

This unique radio partnership between stations recognises the need for and importance of programmes that explore the reality of climate change for Irish audiences. Local Independent radio stations are a trusted news source in Ireland and know that audiences rely on them to provide transparent, factual and honest reporting. The IBI believe that these programmes will help improve the climate literacy of our audience, create awareness around climate change issues and encourage and enable active engagement in climate action at a local level. 

Funded by Coimisiún na Meán with the Television Licence Fee, this is the largest-ever radio project funded under the Sound & Vision scheme. It represents a great belief in the trusted power of local radio to give accurate and factual information. It follows from previous projects such as the Irish Music Month IBI Hot Press initiative. 

Each station will create bespoke programming every week and feature local community, voluntary, NGO and state organisation representatives discussing topics such as the climate impact of Energy, Travel, Food, Waste, the Circular Economy and Biodiversity, to name a few. In addition, local initiatives will be highlighted, and each radio station will explore the contributions being made to tackle climate change in their franchise areas. 

This series will also see the creation of a new website for this project. This will house all the audio and resources created by each station and will be updated with further information and radio programmes weekly. It will provide a hub that will grow and develop with the project, a one-stop shop for audiences across the country to listen to and enjoy programming from all 23 stations. 

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