New Documentary By Caltra Journalist Solves The Mystery of Portumna’s Missing Workhouse Master

A new two part radio documentary charting the never before told story of the disappearing Master of Portumna Workhouse will air on the Galway talks show this week. 

Produced, presented and edited by Caltra journalist Sally-Ann Barrett, ” In Search of Horrid Henry, ” tells the story of  the young Master of Portumna Workhouse Henry Ogle who disappeared into the night in 1865 without a trace, never to be seen or heard from again.

Through extensive research local historian David Broderick has now finally solved much of the mystery of Henry Ogle’s untimely disappearance. David has charted the story in his newly published book, “Finding Ogle.”  

The result is an ironic tale of karma full of cruelty, deception and tragedy with a protagonist in search of a new life who ultimately ends up bound to the life he left behind. 

Stories of the workhouse inmates and the campaigning of a local missionary priest Father Patrick Donnellan also emerge, which illustrate the cruel and tragic tale of the Workhouse, and those who sought refuge there. 

This week’s radio documentary charts the search for Henry Ogle and features the voices of genealogist Clare Doyle, archaelogist Dr Christy Cuniffe and a direct descendant of the workhouse master, Jimmy Ogle. The  documentary series also features the voices of members of Fohenagh Drama group.

Part one and two of “In Search of Horrid Henry,” was broadcast on Tuesday 1st October and Wednesday 2nd October at 11.30am on Galway Talks with Keith Finnegan. 

Listen back here to Part 1

Part Two of ins Search of Horrid Henry was broadcast on Wednesday 2nd Oct on Galway Talks with Keith Finnegan

Listen back here to Part 2