National Innovation Award for Hygeia, Galway

Galway-based Hygeia takes home green at National Innovation Awards for their sustainable garden care range.

The organic ‘Nature Safe’ range, using wild Atlantic Seaweed is kind to nature and great for your garden.

National Innovation Award for Hygeia, Galway Declan Fuller (Hygeia Head of Sales) John Byrne(Hygeia CEO) & Liam Maloney (Hygeia Sales Team) with the Innovation Award 2022 for Best Garden Care Product for Nature Safe at City West on Sunday 24th April.

Hygeia Group, which has been manufacturing garden care, agricultural and veterinary products in Galway for over 80 years, took home the Best Garden Care Product for their sustainable Nature Safe range at the Innovation Awards 2022 hosted by the Hardware Association of Ireland.

Judge Hugh Wallace said, “There is so much innovation (from the finalists) particularly when it comes to sustainability.”

Sustainability is at the heart of the Nature Safe range. John Byrne, CEO, Hygeia Group commented:

National Innovation Award for Hygeia, Galway
John Byrne, Hygeia CEO, with the Innovation Award 2022 for Best Garden Care Product for Nature Safe at City West on Sunday the 24th April.

“Since Dr. Donny Coyle founded Hygeia back in 1939, we have gone from strength to strength by ensuring that we continuously innovate to address market needs across our agri, veterinary and garden care sectors, developing effective products at competitive prices. The Nature Safe range is specifically designed to address our customers desire for natural and sustainable garden care products. We’re thrilled with the Innovation Award for Nature Safe and further proves it’s potential in the Irish market and abroad.”

The Nature Safe Range

All products in the Nature Safe range are plant-based and organic, making them completely safe for children, pets, pollinators and wildlife.

One of the most prominent ingredients featured in the range is wild Atlantic Seaweed, hand-harvested on the local Connemara shoreline in Galway, which ensures there is complete regrowth every 3 years, making it the most sustainable option for Nature Safe.

Seaweed is well-recognised as an ingredient in food and cosmetics and Nature Safe is now taking it to the next level, using nature to nurture nature, enriching the soil and the plants that we grow and eat with seaweed’s natural micronutrients.

The Nature Safe range, which is available at all leading garden centres and home stores nationwide, includes 11 products, tackling all your gardening needs from lawn care and plant food to pest control. Some of the latest additions to the range include:

National Innovation Award for Hygeia, Galway

Nature Safe Lawn Aid which contains the unique wild Atlantic Seaweed (Laminaria digitata) and Chitin blend that is enriched with minerals and amino acids and not only helps to deter pests but also enhances nutrient uptake and encourages thicker, greener lawns. It works by generating 100% natural enzymes (called chitinases) that naturally alter the environment of the soil making it unappealing to lawn pests such as Chafer Grubs and Leatherjackets.

Nature Safe Plant & Pest Control also contains the unique wild Atlantic Seaweed and Chitin blend to help deter the presence of plant harming pests by naturally altering the environment of the soil, making it unappealing to pests such as Greenfly, Blackfly, Whitefly and Red Spider Mite.

Nature Safe Slug & Snail works by creating a 100% natural barrier around vulnerable plants protecting against slugs and snails, whilst supporting healthy garden wildlife. Nature Safe’s unique oyster shell blend is also enriched with natural nitrogen, magnesium and calcium for additional healthy soil benefits.

The nutrients in oyster shells make it an ideal soil feed for earth worms, helping increase their populations which in turn helps churn up your soil giving the maximum advantage to your roots. Oysters are a wonderful carbon sink, taking vast quantities of carbon out of the atmosphere. By adding oyster shells to your garden you are utilising a by-product of the food industry and helping to maintain a circular green economy.

Nature Safe Rooting Gel is a thick viscous gel also made with the 100% natural hand-harvested wild Atlantic Seaweed. A natural bio-stimulant, it has an exclusive proprietary process that releases bioactive molecules and encourages natural plant root development and growth.

The full Nature Safe range includes:

· Nature Safe Organic Tomato Food: RRP €9.99

· Natura Safe Live Soil Probiotic Nature Safe: RRP €7.99

· Wild Atlantic Seaweed: RRP €10.99

· Nature Safe Plant Food: RRP €29.99

· Nature Safe Organic Plant Food: RRP €9.99

· Nature Safe Patch Fix Lawn Seed Shaker: RRP €15.99

· Nature Safe Lawn Feed Bag: RRP €27.99

· Nature Safe Lawn Aid: RRP €24.99

· Nature Safe Plant & Pest Control: RRP €9.99

· Nature Safe Slug & Snail 1.2kg: RRP €9.99

· Nature Safe Rooting Gel: RRP €12.99

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National Innovation Award for Hygeia, Galway – About Hygeia

Founded in 1939 by Dr. Donny Coyle with the mission to create quality agro-chemicals, home and garden care products, Hygeia manufacturers and markets garden care, agricultural and veterinary products for the Irish and UK market. The company employs over 30 staff in its headquarters in Galway.