Keilidh Cashell – Glam Skull Tutorial


With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to hone in on our creative makeup skills and dare to be different, and who better to take inspiration from that the Queen of theatrics herself – Keilidh Cashell. From morphing herself into Freddy Mercury, a firing red devil, spooky mummy, a lifesize strawberry to an Oompa Loompa and even her own dog, Keilidh’s talents have no boundaries.

Now, Keilidh Cashell has allowed her creative expression do the talking to transform herself into a spooktacular Glam Skull, with a step by step tutorial sure to entice anyone vying for an opportunity to dress up this year. Be it for a (virtual) Best Dressed Award/Party, or just looking to sharpen your theatrical skills, Keilidh has shared her tips and tricks on how to achieve this majestic look using products from her recently launched and sell-out range, The Secret Treasure Collection by Kash Beauty.

More than any other time of year, Halloween offers us all an exciting opportunity to explore our imagination, realising our full potential and allows us experiment with makeup trickery. How far will you go? Hell’s the limit when you follow the tips from the best in the beauty business.

1 – Starting off with a bare face

2 – Apply your base routine as usual. Keilidh has blocked out her eyebrows using a simple glue stick and power to protect the hairs from lash glue later on. This is optional, you could just completely avoid your brow area if you like.

3 – Keilidh applies a glam eye look using the Secret Treasure Palette,
RRP €29.95,. The palette is full of gold, rustic colours, and that
what she is basing this look around!

4 – To finish off any glam eye makeup, lashes are a necessity! Here
Keilidh is using her lashes in the style ‘RICH’, Faux Mink Lashes – 3
Pairs- RRP €12.95

5 – Start sketching out the skull shape using a lip liner. Here Keilidh > is using the lip liner from her True Nude Lip Kit RRP €18.95. This makes it much easier to create any look!

6 – Keilidh has shaded in the darker areas of the skull using the
shades Fade, Wreck and Forbidden from the Secret Treasure Palette. This shading will really help to make the gems pop!

7 – Start applying your gems using eyelash glue to your face in the shape of a skull. Again Keilidh is basing this look off the tones in the Secret Treasure Eyeshadow Palette, so is using different shades of gold and black gems.

8 – Finish off the look with a glam lip, here Keilidh is applying the Rust Nude Lip Kit!

Voila! Now you have the finished Glam Skull look using the Secret Treasure Collection! A fun way to do Halloween while still being glam.