Healthy Galway

From June 29th to July 10th we’ve teamed up with the joint Healthy Galway City and Healthy Galway County for their collective Healthy Galway initiative. Our aim is to join them in promoting positive mental health and wellbeing as we adapt to living with COVID-19.

Healthy Galway, an initiative of both Galway City and Galway County Local Community Development Committees, seeks to improve the health and wellbeing of the people of Galway. The work of Healthy Galway is based on engagement, collaboration and the creation of long-term partnerships. 

COVID-19 has changed the way we go about our daily lives and this can impact on our stress levels and our mental wellbeing. Over the next two weeks, Healthy Galway will be partnering with Galway Bay FM to bring you a series of interviews and blog posts on a range of topics to support you in looking after your mental health and wellbeing at this time.

This is part of the Government’s In This Together campaign at a local level. On this page you will find a number of useful link and information to help you and yours look after your mental health and wellbeing.

Each week on Galway Talks Keith Finnegan will chat with individuals involved in the Healthy Galway initiative.

On Monday 29th June Keith spoke with FRANCES DALY about SEA SWIMMING.

As a year round sea swimmer, Frances will discuss the positive impacts of sea swimming in terms of physical activity, mental wellbeing, social connectedness and nature. Tune in between 11 and 12 noon to hear what Frances has to say. #InThisTogether #HealthyGalway

Listen back here

Fances Daly on Sea Swimming
Healthy Ireland Swimming Markers

On Wednesday 1st July Keith Spoke with Mental Health & Wellbeing with Nicola Morley, Mental Health Ireland Development Officer for Galway City and County

Nicola will discuss the 5 Ways to Wellbeing for Tough Times and other Mental Health Ireland resources for supporting ourselves and supporting others.

Listen back to what Nicola had to say here:

Nicola Morley – 5 Ways to Wellbeing

On Friday 3rd July Keith spoke with Lisa Corbett, Senior Community Nutritionist, Health Promotion, HSE Galway spoke with Keith on Galway Talks about how making healthy choices to support our mental and physical health and immune system is important now more than ever.

Listen back to what Lisa had to say:

Lisa Corbett – Healthy Eating

Healthy Galway City and Healthy County Galway have joined together for the purpose of this campaign. Please see further information below:

Healthy Galway City

Healthy County Galway: