Galway Chamber 2020 Election Manifesto to Get Galway Moving


Galway Chamber have launched their 2020 Election Manifesto to Get Galway Moving. It’s about more than addressing traffic congestion. It’s a call to help make improvements to all aspects of Galway society: to Get Galway Moving for everyone.  

How can this be done?

Accessibility: The ability to get into and around the city and county is vital for society & the economy. Traffic congestion is choking Galway.

Sustainability: Address climate change, its impact on society and increase the use of Green Energy throughout Galway.

Livability: Make Galway the best place in Ireland in which to live, learn work and to visit.

Economic Viability: To achieve the growth targets of PI2040 Galway must increase its attractiveness for international, national and local businesses.

Accountability: Policy decisions on Galway’s immediate environment should be made in Galway by those accountable to its people.

They are calling on all candidates and voters in Galway West to pledge support to Get Galway Moving. Get Galway Moving aims to make Galway the best place in Ireland in which to live, learn, work and visit. Sign up HERE.

Did you Know:

Galway Chamber’s members represent almost 25,000 people working in Galway and 78% of members ranked Accessibility as their first or second priority.

The National Development Plan forecasts that the population of Galway City will grow by 50% by 2040. At present, just 38% of trips made in the city are made using sustainable modes. There is an urgent need to improve transport infrastructure to support a growth in sustainable travel which will encourage a reduction in car use within the city.