Free Events held by Galway Atlantaquaria this May

Galway Atlantaquaria  is very happy to launch a number of free events for the public to learn more about the ocean and #LifeUnderWater.
Working with a number of scientists, engineers, scuba divers and researchers they have put together these wonderful series of events.

“Lights, Camera, Action!!” – Sights and sounds from the SmartBay Subsea Observatory.- 16TH MAY  7pm

The SmartBay Subsea Observatory has been continuously monitoring and record changes in the marine environment since it’s installation in 2015 off the coast of Spiddal in Galway Bay. The information from the observatory’s cameras, microphones and scientific sensors is streamed live to Come along on the 16th of May at 7pm to see the highlights of all the marine life recorded in the depths of Galway Bay.

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‘Understanding  Sharks’ -A European Maritime Day Event
Date: 18TH MAY
Location: Ladies Beach, Salthill Galway City & Galway Atlantaquaria

Galway Atlantaquaria, Marine Dimensions and the Explorers Education Programme TM invite the pubic to attend a series of Shark themed events in Salthill on the 18thMay, in celebration of European Maritime Day #EMD.
Sharks are probably one of the most misunderstood animals in history! Peter Benchley, author of ‘Jaws’, has expressed regret at the negative impact his book has had on the perception of sharks. 
“What I now know, which wasn’t known when I wrote Jaws, is that there is no such thing as a rogue shark which develops a taste for human flesh,’’ “No one appreciates how vulnerable they are to destruction.’’
As we learn more about sharks we begin to see another image of these beautiful animals. With the recent discovery of a shark nursery off Ireland’s shores, it’s time to rewrite the shark story.
Dr. Sarah Varian from Marine Dimensions said ‘We now understand that sharks play a vital role in maintaining the health of marine ecosystems, so it’s important that we safeguard the future of these impressive predators.’
The Understanding Sharks, European Maritime Day event will include

  1. A Shark Egg Hunt on the Ladies Beach Salthill from 11.30-12.30 (free to the public).
  2. Ireland’s Sharks and Rays Workshop at Galway Atlantaquaria from 1.30-2.30 (Free to the public – spaces limited so pre booking required. contact [email protected] or Tel 091-585100 to book your space).

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