Ahascragh Distillery and Visitor Centre

Ahascragh Distillery and Visitor Centre

Ahascragh Distillery and Visitor Centre:

The old Ahascragh mill dates back to the early 1800s and up until the 1950s processed grain into flour. Located in the heart of the village and steeped in history, the mill complex has remained derelict for the past 70 years. Gareth and Michelle McAllister are giving the building a new lease of life with plans for a world class experience and hospitality destination inside a working craft distillery in the village of Ahascragh, County Galway.

The eco-distillery will be powered by renewable energy, using new innovative technology. They have a passion and drive to produce some of the first carbon neutral whiskey and gin in Ireland.

Ahascragh Distillers goal is to create quality Irish spirits with innovation, transparency and flair. Their journey has already begun with their hand-selected releases, Clan Colla Irish Whiskey, UAIS Irish Whiskey and Xin Gin on the national and international market.

On Galway Talks, Tues 8th Nov Galway Bay FM reporter Sally Ann Barrett spoke with Gareth and Michelle McAllister about their vision for Ahascragh Distillery.

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Ahascragh Distillery and Visitor Centre


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Ahascragh Distillery began their journey with their Family Bond of hand-selected releases including UAIS Irish Whiskey, Clan Colla Irish Whiskey and Xin Gin.

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PLANS FOR THE NEW DISTILLERY (which is Sustainable and Eco Friendly)

Ahascragh Distillery will be a state-of-the-art distillery and visitor experience in the West of Ireland.

They are transforming a nineteenth century historical mill into a working craft whiskey and gin distillery. This eco-distillery will be powered by renewable energy. They are passionate about distilling some of the first zero-emissions spirits in Ireland and changing the traditional energy source used for Irish whiskey production.

Ahascragh Distillery is on target to be the first eco-distillery of this scale in Ireland. The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) is supporting the development of the distillery, with capital support of €500,000. Located in the heart of the small East Galway village, the previously derelict mill complex is being transformed, and the company is gearing up for distillation by the end of the year. Founders Gareth and Michelle McAllister have a drive to distil some of the first zero-emissions spirits in Ireland and change the traditional energy source for Irish whiskey production.

Ahascragh Distillery was recently granted €500,000 capital support to complete construction of the eco-distillery and visitor experience. The funding is being awarded to the company through SEAI’s EXEED Programme, aimed at organisations who are planning an energy efficient investment project.

Ahascragh Distillery engaged FDT Consulting Engineers and Project Managers Ltd. to undertake an energy efficient design review of the proposed distillery in Ahascragh. Decarbonisation specialist Astatine developed and installed the technology that has delivered substantial reductions in the utility demands of the distillery through a novel means of thermal storage, combined with optimal heat recovery within the process.

Some key features of the new distillery:

· The peak heating and cooling demand has more than halved

· Unlike other distilleries in Ireland, the heat delivered to the distillery will not require the combustion of any fossil fuels, and will utilise green electricity

· Heat will be provided to the distillery through heat pumps which means that there will be no flue related emissions, or impacts on the local environment

· The heat pump design, heat recovery and thermal storage means that the energy inputs to the distillery are a third than that of traditional technology

· The building itself has been protected with much of the original machinery and wooden beams being restored and reused.


Through tours, tastings and workshops, the visitor centre will offer an intimate and unique experience. A permanent exhibition of the salvaged mill equipment will celebrate the history of the buildings while also exploring Irish whiskey making and the future of the Ahascragh spirit. There will be something for everyone.

Located in the heart of the village, The Old Mill Shop & Café is a key part of their story. Now open, the shop and café invites locals and visitors to enjoy good food and good company. Their bespoke pieces of furniture, using salvaged equipment from the mill, are pride of place in the café and shop.


Having lived and worked in countries across the world, Gareth & Michelle McAllister returned to Ireland with the dream of turning their passion for craft Irish spirits into a family business. When they visited the old mill in Ahascragh, County Galway, they fell in love with it’s story, the beautiful stonework, the history of the buildings and the character of the small village drew them in.

Located in the heart of the countryside, the natural resources and cool climate makes for ideal whiskey-making conditions. Gareth and Michelle dedicated to distilling quality Irish spirits with honesty, creativity and flair.

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