3 July 2024

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A safer environment around Galway city’s waterways

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A safer environment around Galway city’s waterways

A safer environment around Galway city’s waterways with Claddagh Watch Patrol.

Claddagh Watch Patrol is a registered charity that was founded in 2019, following four tragic water-related deaths in Galway within the space of a single week. Their mission is to create a safer environment around Galway city’s waterways through volunteer patrols and raising awareness. Their team members are dedicated to their work, and they are committed to improving the level of water safety across the city.
Claddagh Watch is made up of  a team of volunteers who are dedicated to ensuring that Galway’s waterways are safe. The River Corrib is one of the fastest rivers in Europe, which means it can be very dangerous, too. This river is the spot for many fatalities each year. So many of these are avoidable, and Claddagh Watch’s mission is to do their bit to monitor the waterways on a regular basis.
They carry out approximately 8-10 patrols each month – with an

 additional 6 patrols during peak times like festivals and end-of-semester exams. Their aim is to provide a presence along the canals, bridges, and more so that people who are distressed, disoriented, or suicidal can receive some support from them. They typically start any interactions with a conversation by asking the person how they are doing while also encouraging them to step away from the danger of the water.
Many people and businesses  have supported Claddagh Watch, Monroe’s Tavern, Jack Nohilly of Classic Tiles, Tom Cunningham of Cunningham Electric, and Paul Carey of Carey Construction were all crucial in supplying and outfitting Claddagh Watch’s current base. Prior to getting this base, Claddagh Watch Patrol worked out of the back of a van. Getting the base was essential to the continuing the work of the patrol.
Jury’s Hotel has provided toilet facilities and coffee since Claddagh Watch started –  also allowed Claddagh Watch to put an AED in their foyer.  The Connacht Hospitality Group have helped by setting up a website and has Claddagh Watch Patrol as one of their charities of the year.
Specsavers in the Eyre Square Shopping Centre, Penneys in the Eyre Square Shopping Centre, and HP Galway also appointed Claddagh Watch as their charity of the year in 2022. Medtronic Galway held a fantastic summer fundraiser on August 13th, 2022, the ‘Dancing with the Stars Mervue’ event. Spanish Arch Car Park offered free parking.  Eyre Square Shopping Centre have hosted a Claddagh Watch Patrol stand in the shopping centre on a regular basis all helping to create awareness, sell merchandise, accept donations, and recruit new members.
Charities like Claddagh Watch Patrol depend on donations, big and small, so every single contribution is important.
Whether you’re making a one-off donation or you’re planning to commit to long-term financial support, the difference you’ll make with either one is immeasurable.
Donations help Claddagh Watch continue their work of patrolling the waters, maintaining top-of-the-line equipment, and raising awareness about water safety.  For more visit claddaghwatch.ie.
If you’d like to get in touch with Claddagh Watch Patrol, you can easily do so right here.
For general information, get in touch with us on [email protected]
If you’d like to volunteer with us, send a note to us on [email protected]

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