6 June 2024

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3 Ways to prevent food waste as National Food Waste Recycling Week launched

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3 Ways to prevent food waste as National Food Waste Recycling Week launched

National Food Waste Recycling Week runs from June 2nd to June 9th, 2024.

It aims to offer practical advice and encourage more consumers and businesses to properly recycle food waste at home or in the workplace.

In Ireland, it’s estimated that approximately 750,000 tonnes of food are wasted each year – equivalent to the weight of 7,000 blue whales.

Food waste in landfills significantly contributes to climate change. Everyone can make a difference.

Speaking at the launch of National Food Waste Recycling Week, Pauline McDonough, Resource Efficiency Officer at MyWaste.ie, said: “Everyone, everywhere in Ireland with a kerbside waste collection service is now entitled to a brown bin service.

“We’d urge everyone – consumers and businesses – if you don’t use a brown bin, please start, and make a positive change for our environment.”

Top 3 ways to prevent food waste

Plan Your Meals – Before shopping, check your cupboards, fridge, and freezer. Plan meals and only buy the ingredients you need. Make a shopping list.

Store Food Properly – Proper storage can extend the life of your food and prevent spoilage. Store perishable items like fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator and keep dry goods like pasta and rice in airtight containers.

Use Your Brown Bin – Even with the best intentions, some food waste is unavoidable. Instead of using the general waste bin, use the brown bin and a kitchen caddy to separate food waste. You can also get compostable caddy liners that can go directly into the brown bin when full.

The brown bin service accepts all types of food, including raw and cooked meat and fish, plate scrapings, and fruit and vegetable peelings.

Additionally, food-soiled paper napkins, paper towels, greasy pizza boxes, grass clippings, and light garden waste can also go into the brown bin.

Did you know

  • Two thirds (69%) of households in Ireland have a brown bin.
  • New legislation introduced in January ensures that everyone in Ireland is legally entitled to a brown bin service.
  • 750,000 tonnes of food waste are generated in Ireland annually, contributing to climate change.
  • MyWaste urges citizens and businesses to recycle food waste and reduce their carbon footprint.

Visit MyWaste.ie for more information on the destination of your food waste and its environmental benefits.

Events are being held across the country for this year’s National Food Waste Recycling Week, supported by local authorities – look out for one near you!



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