3 October 2023

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University of Galway study offers new hope for treatment of gestational diabetes

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University of Galway study offers new hope for treatment of gestational diabetes

Galway bay fm newsroom – A new study by researchers at University of Galway is offering new hope for the treatment of gestational diabetes.

Traditionally gestational diabetes is managed initially through dietary advice and exercise, with insulin introduced if necessary.

Insulin use is effective, but also associated with some challenges, such as low sugar in both mother and baby, excess weight gain for mothers, and higher c-section birth rates.

The clinical trial led by Univeristy of Galway has now explored, in-depth, the use of a drug called metformin.

It’s previously been found to be effective when compared with insulin, but some concerns remained, particularly around preterm birth and infant size.

The clinical trial involved more than 500 women, with half receiving the drug and the other half a placebo.

It found that women assigned the drug were 25% less likely to need insulin – while fast and post-meal sugar values were significantly lower at weeks 32 and 38.

The study revealed no differences in adverse outcomes for new-borns, while women receiving metformin also gained less weight throughout the trial.

There were also no variations in factors like labour induction, caesarean delivery, maternal haemorrhage, infection or blood pressures issues, during or after birth.

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