6 April 2023

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University of Galway study finds sleep problems lead to increased stroke risk

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University of Galway study finds sleep problems lead to increased stroke risk

Galway Bay fm newsroom – A study carried out by researchers at University of Galway has found that sleep problems lead to an increased risk for stroke.

The INTERSTROKE study found the amount of sleep we get, snoring and sleep apnoea are all risk factors.

The global study, co-led by University of Galway, investigated the causes of stroke.

Almost 4,500 people were consulted, including more than two thousand people who had previously suffered a stroke.

And it’s not just lack of sleep that was identified as a significant problem.

People who slept for more than nine hours, or less than five, are more like to have a stroke compared to those who sleep an average number of hours.

Those who take long naps are also at increased risk.

Participants who reported sleep apnoea and snorting were three times more likely to suffer a stroke, while those who snore are facing a twofold risk.

The research has been published in the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology.

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